Resist (Songs of Submission #6) by C.D. Reiss

ImageThe story of Jonathan Drazen and Monica Faulkner continues.

And it’s time Monica stepped up to the plate.

I looked down at him, with his tourmaline eyes and copper hair and believed him despite my better judgment. Then I forgave him despite my misgivings. I loved him just because I did. My heart wasn’t sensible or guarded enough. Not by a sight.

I was a walking raw nerve ending of emotion, as if the years I’d spent away from men and sex had made me more emotional, more vulnerable, more foolish than before. I ran my fingers through his hair, feeling like the victim of a crime of consent.

Silvana's Review

Before I start my review, I will let Mr Jonathan Drazen himself describe what this book did to me :


This series – Songs of Submission  by CD Reiss – has easily become one of my favorite. I’m completely hooked, love the interaction between the two main characters, their chemistry, banter and sizzling hot sex scenes!!

In Resist, book 6 and second last book of the series, we finally see Jonathan bared and open, we know everything there is to know. Enjoyed how Monica tries to protect her man, see her little insecurities and normal human reactions but how quickly she overcomes those insecurities. She is one strong heroine, completely love her, love her strength, how she doesn’t come across as whiny and annoying!

“My name is Monica. I sing like an angel and roar like a lion. I am the owner and ruler of my mind. I keep my own counsel. I decide how I feel. I answer to no one.”

Jonathan Drazen is one hot sadist and I love him utterly! The lengths he’ll go to protect Monica and his love for her, as well as his need to keep her in his life, are so heartwarming! I LOVE YOU JONATHAN!


Unfortunately these two cannot catch a break, and boy does this book end in a cliffhanger that has you cursing like a sailor! October and the last book cannot come soon enough! HAVING SAID THAT, I WOULD BE SO SAD TO SEE THE END!! Those who have not read this series are sorely missing out! Truly a pleasure to read! 



By Silvana ❤

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