Thief by Tarryn Fisher


July 24, 2013

Dear Thief,

I don’t know how to start this letter really, I guess I should first say that I am so thrilled that your book was already out and that I’ve waited for almost 7 months for this. I am so happy that this is your point of view, I mean I want to find out your say on all the stunts that you pulled from the Opportunist. Speaking of the opportunist, it was a total shocker to me how you pulled that amnesia stunt, I actually applaud you and I remember saying hhhmmm… this could work for me too. But by the end, when the opportunist followed you to Rome and try to win you back what did you do??? You chose that conniving firecrotch. I was totally devastated. But I told myself, relax they love each other and it will happened maybe not now but its bound to happen.

Then I found out that you married the dirty red and is going to have a baby with her?? What the freaking hell ever Caleb??? Are you blind or just plain stupid???? Now, my heart is really breaking for the opportunist. How can you stay with her. The opportunist needs revenge,she needs to hurt you like you hurt her and boy did she have her revenge and he came by the name of Noah. Again my heart breaks when they got married and you are still stuck with that dirty red. I was thinking how will this work, you’re married she is married then the shocker of a lifetime was revealed and I thought hey, this could work.

And then you were reborn you thief you. You have to win steal her to her Caleb filler!!! And boy you did a marvelous job of fighting stealing her. I guess 10 years was enough for you to realized that she belongs to you and you belong to her. You made me fangirl, swoon and wet with all the things that you did. I agree with all the readers that you are AMAZING here that a realization hit me like a cupcake thrown in my face!!! You do not belong to the opportunist!!!! You know who you belong to??? Yup, ME!!!!!! (view spoiler) If you don’t want to leave her that is fine with me, I can share.

Call me if you want my proposition.


The Mistress.

OK enough of that baloney letter. Seriously, I love love this book!!! AMAZING!!! Reading about Caleb’s thoughts was so refreshing!! God I love that man!!

5 STARS!!!! 

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