Drowning In Love by Beth Rinyu



Mia Taylor has a huge heart, but just how much pain can one heart endure? Mia was living the picture perfect life, engaged to her high school sweetheart and working at her dream job at an upscale salon in New York City. She had it all. Until the day her past, present and future were taken away, leaving her to face the world scared and alone. Trying to pick up the pieces of her broken life, while mourning the devastating loss of her fiancé she just goes through the motions as an empty shell.

Enter Travis Montgomery, Olympic swimmer and totally gorgeous. He has several medals under his belt and just as many women. Mia is well aware of his womanizing reputation and refuses to be his next conquest, but finds herself coming alive again whenever she’s around him. They agree to be “just friends,” quickly finding that they are unable to fight the attraction between them. Mia’s life becomes complete once again with Travis in it; but nothing good lasts forever, at least not in Mia’s world. Torn apart by an ugly secret, Mia’s heart is broken once again.

When the unthinkable happens and Travis needs Mia the most, she must reach deep inside to find forgiveness for the one man who will always hold the key to her shattered heart. But will doing so only break it further; this time beyond repair?

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This is a really beautiful story.
Mia Taylor is beautiful inside and out… she is working on her dream job, engage to her high school sweetheart.. Then a tragedy strikes and she lost the person she’s planning her happily ever after with.

Then comes Travis Montgomery, Olympic swimmer and totally gorgeous.
They started off as friends only, then feelings changed. But Travis is keeping a secret from Mia, which again broke Mia’s heart…. Then something happened and Travis needs Mia the most. This is where Mia’s heart is tested.
It was sweet, hot and beautiful. Travis is a dream… Mia is beautiful… together they are just perfect. Their story is beautiful.
Definitely 4 stars for moi!
reviewed by Casperfitz

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