Naked (Naked #1) by Kelly Favor


Introducing NAKED, the dark and sexy new adult series from New York Times bestselling author Kelly Favor…

Caelyn Murphy is broken.

She’s broken because of something that was done to her–something she can’t even bear to think about. So she does the only thing she can think of…she runs. Away from her Ivy League college, away from her perfect life, and away from the man who hurt her. Only she runs straight into…


Elijah Daniels is hardened from a life that’s seen the worst the world has to offer. But when he meets Caelyn, he knows there’s something different about her. She’s been through hell and back, but she hasn’t given up.

Caelyn can see that Elijah is gorgeous on the outside, but she also knows he’s dangerous. And the last man she trusted hurt her so badly, she may be beyond repair.

But the harder she tries to resist, the more Elijah’s persistence strips her of her armor and leaves her naked and vulnerable.

In the end, neither of them will be able to predict just how far they might have to go to save themselves…and each other.

NAKED is the first book in the dark and sexy new adult series by New York Times bestselling author Kelly Favor.

available now in Amazon :
This book is a wicked 4 stars for moi!!!!
Caelyn run away after something bad happened to her, she got car trouble on a dark highway and was scared getting picked up by a rapist or killer…. Then comes to the rescue hot and steamy Elijah, who is also running away….


Elijah offered her a ride and gave her her distance cause she look scared. Though Caelyn was scared, she felt safe with Elijah….. then their story begins…. there is no sex in this book…. no no….


But the story is well written, no irritating female, it will keep you reading from start to finish. Story continues unto the next book, which is already out so it’s not gonna be a wait for me.

review by Casperfitz

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