Jamie-Lea Carter has been living under the thumb of her older brothers for eighteen years. Having finally moved out to start her new life as a university student she tries to faithfully follow the strictly ordered life they’ve lain out for her. These rules haven’t been an issue for her before because she knows she owes them everything. More than any sibling can ever owe.

She dutifully follows these rules until she meets Jason Reed and the biggest one becomes a problem. No boyfriends. Torn between her loyalty to her brothers and the sizzling attraction to the intriguing ladies’ man, Jamie-Lea finds herself on dangerous standings with her overbearing and somewhat aggressive brothers.

Jason Reed isn’t intimidated by the Carters. He knows what he wants the moment he sees it and nothing is going to come between him and the girl he never expected to fall for.

With the odds stacked against them, where will this forbidden romance take them?

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A 5 stars for me!!!!

Omg, this book got me all riled up, I wanted to kick some ass, 7 assess to be exact.

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Jamie-Lea is so broken and scared I feel for her… Jason is effing hot, I love him!


I love the story, I got hooked from start to finish… This is a trilogy book, it is not a cliffhanger but there are a lot of things going that is left out on this book, so might come out on the coming books. Only thing I would have wanted was, that Jamie’s brothers asses should have been kicked! No one has the right to raise a hand to their sister, there is no excuse for that. You would think they are protecting her, they are the ones that she needs protecting from. Ugh! It riles me up big time!


by Casperfitz

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