Finding Katherine by Kaitlin Summers


When Katherine Parker’s heart is broken by her first and only lover, the person she’s been with for 5 years and now her fiance, her best friend Jacqueline convinces her to travel to the Bahamas with her. Maybe the best thing for her is to get away from her “Normal” life for a while. Katherine is willing to do anything to get Tony out of her head.

Vacationing on a beautiful island, Katherine finds herself intrigued by what love and sex might be like with someone else. Katherine soon finds out love and sex can take many forms, and not all forms are good. Katherine begins to wonder if she’ll ever find someone right for her. She wonders if it’s her. Is she broken? Is there a man out there she can trust? A man she can give her whole heart to and finally find out what true love feels like?

Cover is hot, blurb is hot…. that’s about it for moi…

It’s a short read…. to sum it up, She saw her fiancé having wild sex on their couch with a fake barbie, went on cruise to the Bahamas with her bestfriend, first day in there, she slept with the bartender (without condom), who basically just did her and send her back to her room. Met another guy the next day and boom, she’s in deep… She went home feeling like a new woman (good for her), then her ex comes knocking back and story stops there. It was boring, but being a short read, you’ll finish reading the book anyway or not.


2 stars for trying… lol…
by Casperfitz

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