Aftershock (Fated Encounters) by Laurie Roma


Nothing is going right for Caitlyn Watson. With a boss that harasses her, a broken shoe and a parking incident she would rather not think about, all she wants is to survive the day to celebrate her upcoming birthday. When disaster strikes, she finds herself stuck in an elevator with the man of her dreams. Too bad she has nothing but bad luck when it comes to him…

Grayson Taggart Steele is a man who has everything, except for the woman who haunts his dreams. When an earthquake gives him the opportunity he’s been hoping for, he is finally able to claim her as his. Will Caitlyn give into the passion between them, or will the aftershock of their encounter leave them with no chance for a future?

An Erotic Romance Novella.

Live now :
Caitlyn has been crushing on this hot guy who works at the opposite building where she work…. unbeknownst to her, Tag, CEO of his own company, the guy Caitlyn’s been crushing on, has been eyeing her dream girl, Caitlyn, looking for a ways to meet her. Yet every time they meet, it’s has been from one disaster to another.

Then one hot elevator ride after……

And the rest, so we say, is history.

If you’re looking for light, hot and easy read, this ones for you.

by Casperfitz

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