Alive and Unharmed by Crystal Hubbard


Surviving the truth almost kills them. Living the lie is far worse. Drugged and carried off to a dilapidated homestead in central Missouri, 18-year-old Christopher August Daley III – St. Louis’s spoiled, snobby “Billionaire Boy” – finds himself at the mercy of kidnappers greedy for ransom and brutal for sport. Literally caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Reece Wyndham is abducted along with Christopher. The popular, athletic and pretty teenager has nothing in common with Christopher, who uses his very worst personality traits to keep Reece safe. The traumatic event brings Christopher and Reece closer, but in the aftermath of their rescue, it is Reece’s strength and caring that saves Christopher from his living nightmare.
Reece Wyndham was just suppose to drop off Christopher’s literature review sheet, and maybe ask Chris if he needs a date to a certain party…. But when she got there, she saw two hooded men dragging him into a van… She run fast but they had seen her and kidnapped her as well.

I love this book. Despite them getting kidnapped and all, instead of wallowing in fear, they found humour in getting to know each other. I love how they’ve got closer to each other, their spirit in captivity never falter.

The story has drama, humour, suspense and you’ll love Reece and Christopher. Couldn’t put it down. I hated that it ended so soon…

by Casperfitz


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2 responses to “Alive and Unharmed by Crystal Hubbard

  1. Crystal Hubbard

    Thank you for your kind review of my novel! I’m sorry I didn’t discover this one sooner…

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