Smoke and Mirrors by L.B. Clark




After the devastating loss of her close friend and former lover, Jenny decides to trade her old life in northern Florida for a new one on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Even though she’s been in L.A. a few months, she’s still adjusting to city and her new cadre of misfit friends, including her new young and headstrong apprentice, Lori, and her longtime friend and new roommate, Seth Webber, who happens to be not only her high school crush but also the front man for Tangled Web, one of the hottest rock bands on the planet.

On top of everything else, Jenny lands her first case as a licensed California detective before she even has a chance to unpack. Despite what she thinks of as her metaphysical handicap—a talent for foresight that isn’t all that useful in her line of work—Jenny is good at what she does. Still, the missing persons investigation she finds herself embroiled in presents some unique challenges…and eventually leads her down a path she’d once sworn to herself she’d never follow.

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3.5 or 4 stars? debatable…. It was good in a way I didn’t know I was already at the end of the page, it sucks cause just when I am getting to like it, it ended.

I didn’t know what exactly I was reading, went in blind… then I started to read about senses, psychic and all that… Jenny can sense the future or to quote:

“My foresight usually existed as a sort of low-level awareness of what likely happen in the next few seconds. It was almost like white-noise for the sixth sense; something I could sense but that wasn’t likely to distract me. When I wanted to, I could concentrate on a person or situation and get a clearer and longer-term picture of future possibilities.”

Jenny is a private investigator who moved from Florida to L.A., and moved in with Seth, who is the lead singer of Tangle Web, a famous rock band.

Lots of characters in the story…. I kinda get lost as to who is who and what is what, lol…

There is definitely a promise of a story between Jenny and Seth…. is there a next book? I would definitely read if there is and I hope for more Seth and Jenny.

by Casperfitz

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