Deception – A Family Affair by Michele Lee





It all began a long time ago when Wilfredo Ortiz helped a young girl named Valencia flee to the US from Mexico it was the beginning of the family affairs of deception and betrayals… and now years later their children will pay the price for all their sins…

While trying to uncover the mystery behind her student’s suicide, Marisol Braxton comes face to face with Marco Ortiz her first true love who abandoned her twelve years ago before she could tell him she was pregnant. He left town with no goodbyes, like a thief in the night and he never looked back.

Marco Ortiz returning home to visit his ailing father wasn’t prepared to see those hazel eyes that haunted his dreams. He wanted vengeance on Marisol and her father the malicious Officer William Braxton who blackmailed Marco to leave town and never return for his family will pay the price if he did. Unraveling all the mysteries of the Ortiz and Braxton families, he discovers Marisol is the biggest victim of them all, how could she forgive him for all pain and agony she endured alone? How could he also overcome the love is old friend Nate has for her? Only time will tell…

Marisol discovering all the deception and betrayal from her family consumed her heart and soul. She wouldn’t allow the evilness to take over her spirit and all that she stood for. Unveiling her own secrets to Marco nearly broke her. Could their love overcome all the deception their family’s spread upon their lives? Only time will tell…

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It all started with a vengeful husband, who felt betrayed by his wife and wants nothing but revenge! And the ones that paid, are the two innocent kids who fell in love but was torn apart.

Marisol was excited to tell his first true love Marco that she is pregnant, they both have dreams and plans for their future, but Marco never showed up, no explanation, he just disappeared out of her life. So Marisol felt hurt and betrayed.

But Marco came back 12 years after to visit his ailing father and saw Mirasol again and wants what he lost back.

I was looking forward to read this and I really like the story, I just wasn’t very fond of the way it was written in a way… It could have been really really good. I just couldn’t quite connect with the character, yet I really want to. In a way, a little bit disappointed.

But on a lighter note, I think Marco is hot and I love him. 😉

by Casperfitz

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