My Sweet Escape (Touched by an Angel, #1) by Roselynn Reyes

My Sweet Escape (Touched by an Angel, #1)   - Roselynn Reyes

This is a story of a girl who had it all. Money, opportunity, and bright future with her upcoming college graduation. Until a trip overseas shattered it all.

This is the story of a man who has nothing to lose, and puts his life on the line everyday to feel something in his numb soul. A soul that has been destroyed because of his past. Until he meets her.

Together they embark a journey that will test their faith, sanity, and control over everything they thought they had in order. But not everything in life is what it seems.

Sometimes you need to sacrifice a few things to realize how important life is. Even if it means losing the people you love.

62 days. That’s how long Samantha has been missing. A trip to Italy has gone wrong and Samantha is being held captive by terrorists in Afghanistan. Hunter is missing. Samantha thinks that her life is over. Until Angel walks into her shack. He’s perfect in every way imaginable. He helps her escape when Samantha loses hope. But both Samantha and Angel are about to realize that escaping the campsite was the easy part. Because this kidnapping is about to spiral out of control.



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Thank you Ms. Roselynn Reyes for recommending your book. I LOVED it!!! My only complain? I want the next book soon!

This definitely got me on my toes, it is so well written and quite different from my usual reads. It is quite suspenseful, sad, romantic and lots of action.

This is a story about Samantha, who only wanted to celebrate her 21st bday in Europe with her best friend Hunter, but she ended up getting kidnapped, starved, tortured and raped by terrorists in Afghanistan! She thinks her life is over….

Until Angel. He was the only willing person who accepted the mission to rescue her where everyone thinks it’s a suicide mission.

Angel has nothing to lose, growing up on an orphanage till the age of 15, graduated high school and got emancipated so he could join the Navy and became a U.S. Navy Seal at the age of eighteen. Then, he was appointed by his captain to join a group called the SRM, the Secret Rescue Mission. A group designed to rescue victims like Samantha, being held by terrorists or for ransom.

I kept rooting for Samantha and Angel’s survival….. I love how strong Samantha is in all this, how despite how much pain she’s in, she tries to help Angel…. and how she couldn’t help falling in love with her saviour. And Angel, he is so mysterious, sexy and just hot!!!! I would have like to know what he is thinking.

I definitely recommend this book!

By Casperfitz

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