Anna Brookes – In Training (HiT #1.5 Novella) by Margaret McHeyzer



Imagine watching your Father die in front of you because two men were sent to take you. The two men were sent by Roman Murphy, the boss of Hunter Inc. The sole job of Hunter Inc is to train and produce assassins.
Anna Brookes, a 15 year old girl with a love and panache for precision and handling of weapons was sort out by Hunter Inc.
One evening she encounters Lukas, a man she saves but a man who ultimately goes on to save her.
The months that follow see Anna’s intuition heightened and defined.
She is forced to deal with techniques that no ordinary 15 year old girl should ever encounter in their lives.

Anna Brookes – In Training picks up from the moment she killed Damon and Nox in HiT 149.

“I’ll agree that you, Anna, are not ordinary at all. You are simply… extraordinary” ~ Lukas

Grab your copy now!


This is a short read and I devoured every page of it!

I loved loved loved it! To say the ending didn’t shock me is an understatement.

This tells the story on how Anna became “15” the assassin.

My heart broke for Anna, at 15, she watched her father get killed… At 15, she had her first kill…. killing Damon and Nox, the two men were sent to get her and killed her father…. She lost her home…. tying to survive on her own with no destination. Then faith must have it planned for her when she met Lukas, an assassin, a man she saves but a man who ultimately goes on to save her.

If you have read Hit 149, you have to read this book too, if you haven’t read Hit 149, I recommend you read both now!

It is so well written, it’ll keep you on your toes from start to finish.

By Casperfitz

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