West-End Boys by Rachel Dunning

West-End Boys (Naïve Mistakes) - Rachel Dunning
Conall Williams made Leora a promise on a cold NYC rooftop. Her first time would not be on some hard concrete floor. It would be in a cabin, by a fire, with nothing to interrupt them for three solid days.

You better believe, Conall always keeps his promises…

But why is his mind so distant now that they’ve consummated their love? And why are he and Brad having meetings like something out of a Mafia movie?

And most important of all, can Leora make this relationship work if she cannot even last a week without terror-stricken panic attacks ever since her kidnapping…?

New Adult Romance / Romantic Suspense / Erotic Romance 

*This book contains adult situations and explicit content. Ages 17+*


The final chapter of Leora and Conall?! It has been a real bumpy ride.

Again, I don’t know what to say… to summarize quick, from start to a quarter of the book, it got me so confused. The story is just all over the place. Conall is more confusing than ever and Leora,never mind.

There’s too many kidnapping in this series! The story is questionable, it’s frustrating. Like if your life and others you care about is in so much danger and you are an effing billionaire, why can’t you hire all the securities in the world?!!! Ugh!!!

Anyway, I kinda like the ending, kinda cause it all felt all rush


By Casperfitz

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