Always with You (With You, #3) by R.J. Sable

Always with You (With You #3)  -  R.J. Sable

After an unexpected and unwelcome turn of events, Jamie-Lea Carter and Jason Reed find their lives altered drastically. They don’t know who wants to hurt Jamie, or even why, but Jason and the Carter boys aren’t about to let it happen.

Jamie and Jason’s love is strong. They’ve overcome too many bad things to let this ruin what they have but Jason is terrified of losing the love of his life. Jamie wants to break down Jason’s last remaining walls and convince him that, together, they can get through anything.

With Jamie’s life on the line, will her brothers go back to their old ways? Or will Jamie and Jason get through it with the strength of their love? Many questions will be answered in the final book in the ‘With You’ trilogy.


Expected publication : December 20th 2013

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The conclusion of Jamie and Jason’s story….

Story continues where Jamie got kidnapped…. now rescued but battered and bruised… but safe. (Seriously, this girl never gets a break!) But now, her brothers and Jason are more protective than ever…. while Jamie just wants to move on and live her life.

The story kinda started slow for me… it’s basically Jamie pouting about her tight security and her brothers telling her what to do. At this point, Jamie is kinda irritating with all her pouting….

I am glad that her brothers (Ian specially) have realized how they had been treating their sister, at last, and is trying to make up for it. And that Jamie is starting to stand up for herself.

And Jason and Jamie, their love couldn’t get any more stronger… I love Jason through and through, his character never faltered… he’s just perfect!

There is so much going in the story… I love the bond that the Carter siblings have, how they protect the family and that they’ve included Alex and Adam to the family.

Overall, I enjoyed the ride!!!! It was just the perfect happy ending for Jamie, Jason and her 7 brothers.

***Thank you Ms. RJ for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.***


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