Mobster’s Angel (Mobster #4) by Amy Rachiele


Vito has grown up in the underworld of the mob. He has recently reached age eighteen. His family has been involved since the thirties. In 2014, the rules haven’t changed much. What worked then, works now; power, violence, and loyalty.

Love isn’t something you can control. As much as Vito, mobster enforcer, wish he could, he can’t. And falling in love with someone who is close to jailbait age is even tougher. Vito bides his time and waits. For a hasty guy with limited self-control, it’s difficult to curb his impulses.

At age fifteen, Erin just wants to forget. Erin’s world came crashing down when she learned her family was not what they seemed. She’s been living in a lie. No one told her her family was mob. The cliché ignorance is bliss becomes a sharp stabbing realization when she has to learn to cope with the aftermath.

Being smart doesn’t save you from terror and doesn’t teach you how to live with it. You can’t escape the mob. It’s part of your existence!

“Sometimes I hear him whispering in my ear as if my conscience has grown and matured into a six foot three dark haired male. The studying, reading, and listening I did to impress adults are nothing compared to what I learned from Vito.”

~ Erin

**Book 4 in Mobster Series or it can stand alone. It is told in alternate perspective between Vito and Erin.
Romance, New Adult,
Strong Language, Violence

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***ARC provided to Slitsread for an honest review***

If you know me, you know that my teenage dream was to be a Mafia man’s mistress. We can blame my love of all things Mafia on Jackie Collins. She warped my world at the age of 13 and honestly I have never ever looked back. There is something so surreal about Organized Crime. They are lethal, will shoot you down without blinking, beat you, make you swim with the fishes. BUT they also are family, look out or 1 another, love everyone in their family and look out for 1 another through it all. You will find all of this in Amy Rachiele’s mobster series.

VITO is my DREAM MAN! I HEART HIM BIG TIME! Throughout the Mobster’s series (Book 1-3) Vito was always my main man. Yes Antonio is HOT, yes he is the Boss, but VITO! He makes me swoon


Yes, he is an asshole, but DEAR LORD, he LOVES WITH HIS WHOLE BEING!

Mobster’s Angel is book 4 in the Mobster’s series and it  follows Erin and Vito.


She’s Irish

She’s petite

She’s Megan’s little sister

She’s faced trauma and came out of it somewhat ok

She’s 16

She’s a vixen


He’s Hot

He’s Italian

He’s a Cleaner

He’s an enforcer


I give this book 5 stars however I TOTALLY WISH the book was longer.

I HEART VITO!!!!!!!! 

**Pictures courtesy of Crazy About Bookz**


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