Mare’s Top 20 books of 2013

I still can’t believe that 2013 is almost at an end… Where did the year go??? For me it went into .. books.

Picking my top 20 is always soo soo freaking difficult! I have read SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS that it is seriously so hard to choose a list of 20. I wish I could make a list for all the books that I have read this year.

Books are a pathway to my soul. If an author can enrapture me and entrance me in their world then they have a forever fan. 2013 I moved my reading genre from New Adult M/F  to Male/Male romance and I have to tell you that I HAVE NEVER MADE A BETTER DECISION.

I’m an angst junkie, always searching for the HEA of others, cause truly I’m a firm believer that everyone deserves a HEA and that everyone will get one. ALWAYS. When the time is right. But it doesn’t happen overnight and virgins don’t cum their 1st time (unless you’re a man) I always ALWAYS roll my eyes on that one.

I am a 5 star whore, yes, yes, I am. The below top 20 books made me FEEL. FEEL too many things. Way to many things. Whether it be sadness, heartache, joy or extreme horniness and sexual frustration, complete and utter mind fucks,  I can’t get these books out of my head or heart. This is why they are in my top 20. Superb writing, amazing story lines, and wicked ass characters… I can’t forget and I don’t want to…

With all that said, here is my list! I won’t bore you with my thoughts and feelings on these books cause I already did that in my review 🙂 however the link is there if you wanna see what I thought! OK I’m lying, I may add my thoughts on some 🙂

TOP 20 OF 2013

1. Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander


Review Link:

2. Crow’s Row by Julie Hockley


Review Link:

3. Glitterland by Alexis Hall


Review Link:

4. This Much is True by Katherine Owens


Review link:

5. Take My Picture by Giselle Ellis


Review Link:

6. The Truth About Riley by Henrietta Clarke


Review Link:

7. Rough Canvas by Joey W Hill


Review Link:

8. St. Nacho’s by ZA Maxfield


Review Link:

9. Split by Mel Bossa


Review Link:

10. Silent by Sara Alva


Review Link:

11. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay


Review Link:

12. When You Were Pixels (Syntax 0.1) by Julio-Alexi Genao


Review Link:

13. Evenfall by AIS & Sonny


Review Link:

14. After Midnight by Santino Hassell


Review Link:

15. Rock Chick Revolution #8 by KA (Kristen Ashley)


Review Link:

16. Try by Ella Frank


Review Link:

17. Long Time Gone  by S.E Jakes


Review Link:

18. Captive Prince 1 & 2 by S.U. Pacat


Review Link: This I reviewed in GR- The best mind fuck EVER! EVER! READ THIS! DON’T DELAY!

19. Resistance by L.M Turner


Review Link:

20. Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley


Review: Again I reviewed this one in GR, before we started the blog. Loved this book! The angst was stab your heart good!


Looking so forward to many more books coming my way! How can you not be excited for that?? You get to live a different life on a daily basis, be anything you wanna be and have EPIC affairs with as many book boyfriends or girlfriends that you wanna have and not feel guilty.

Till the next Top 20~ Happy reading!



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4 responses to “Mare’s Top 20 books of 2013

  1. Susan Haase

    Did you read Memorizing You, by Dan Skinner? I am an angst-filled mess after this one.

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