Fallen Crest Public (Fallen Crest High #3) by Tijan

Fallen Crest Public (Fallen Crest High, #3)

Sam’s first day at Fallen Crest Public doesn’t go well. Some girls want to be her. Some girls want to destroy her. And some just don’t like her. All in all, despite being protected by Mason and Logan, it’s still only the strong survive. Sam will not only have to survive, she needs to learn how to conquer too, but there’s another battle growing. Things are about to come to a disastrous end between the towns, Roussou and Fallen Crest. Sam’s other main dilemma? Keeping Mason and Logan from getting arrested or hospitalized.

This is the third book in the Fallen Crest Series.
Fallen Crest High
Fallen Crest Family
Fallen Crest Public



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β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Fabulous Stars!!!!

I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed reading this series!

Though it is just a bit YA, I loved it! I thought this 3rd one would be the last of it, but NOOO, I have now to wait for the 4th book, ugh!!!Β But in other case, I want more!
Samantha, it wasn’t hard to like her, she is feisty, though a bit broken, she doesn’t go down without a fight. Though not lucky with her mom, she is definitely very lucky to have Mason and Logan in her life.

Mason, started off mysteriously hot! A complete alpha who takes care of people he loves. He is the reasonable one, the responsible one. Though he can be bad, really bad… You will definitely fall in love with him! Then theres;

Logan, a bad boy, a player, again, hot and adorable. He is the loud one, the trouble maker. He makes me laugh. You will love him too…
The story, it goes from complication to complication to complication, it will keep you on the edge of your seat! The school snubs, the elites, the bullies… the cheaters, backstabbing friends, revenge, fighting back, romance and family. To falling in love and dating the hottest and most wanted guy.

The first 2 books of the series is on Samantha’s POV… but this third book is both Samantha and Mason’s POV… and OMG, it is sooooooo HOT!!! His bond/need for Sam gives me shivers…

Highly highly recommend, a must read series.


By Casperfitz

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