Saving Dallas Forever (Saving Dallas #3) by Kim Jones

Saving Dallas Forever (Saving Dallas, #3)

Dallas Knox finally has it all-a man who loves her unconditionally, a relationship with her new found sister and an MC family who has proven their loyalty time and again. Things are looking up for the CEO who was once a lonely woman filled with bitterness and resentment. The MC life has taught her what it means to be a part of something special. They have broken down her walls and filled her heart with empathy and compassion, resulting in Dallas becoming a person she can be proud of. But, when Luke is called to join forces with the Devil’s Renegades Lake Charles Chapter against another MC, Dallas will have to start all over-building relationships with a whole new group of ol’ ladies whose trust she has to earn. Not only is Dallas battling relationships inside the club, but ghosts of her past have come back to haunt her. Will the life she has chosen be enough to keep the demons at bay? Or is the desire for forever too far out of reach?


















4 Stars!

I love Dallas and Luke and I’m glad to have shared their journey. There are parts of this book that I loved, some I couldn’t really care much. But this certainly satisfies your need for their HEA. There was a scene that got me tearing up, another had me laughing, and one that had me at the edge of my seat. Not to forget the Epilogue that gives you closure.

Dallas has grown even more here by learning and accepting the biker’s way and proving that she belongs. She made a real stupid decision at the beginning of the book, which I couldn’t really grasp as to why she would go there after what she went through with that person. And her nightmares… seems like it’s been dealt with… somehow…

And Luke, well, he is hot as always. He did a pretty stupid thing towards Dallas, I didn’t like him much with that. But I gotta give it to him, he didn’t so much as apologize with words, but he made amends instead, worth a thousand more than words of apologies. But still…. I get why the reaction of those who are mad about it…

As for Red and her POV… I’m not so sure yet… her story does sound interesting, can’t wait to hear about it Summer 2014!

This book is written in multi POV.

By Casperfitz

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