Shade’s Fall (The Last Riders #4) by Jamie Begley 




Shade is everything Lily doesn’t want in a man. He’s rude, obnoxious and he’s definitely not a cowboy. The tattooed enforcer for The Last Riders is a mystery Lily doesn’t want to solve. He’s too much for her to handle, especially with the nightmares from her past constantly threatening her sanity.

Lily is everything Shade wants in a woman. She’s sweet, kind and submissive. When she discovers the truth about The Last Riders, it threatens to tear apart every relationship within the club. Her rebellion causes the predatory instincts to rise in the ex Navy SEAL sniper.

When The Last Riders are threatened by another motorcycle club just as determined to claim Lily, Shade is her only hope of surviving the approaching confrontation. Could their passion be Shade’s downfall?














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5 Holy Hotness Stars!

I have been waiting and looking forward to reading Shade and Lily’s story for a loooong time! Alas!!!! And guess what?!! I loved it!!!! Their story is definitely worth the wait!

Shade, there is so much more to him than just this hot and sexy biker!!!! And he has waited for Lily way too long! Watching over her, protecting her, hurting for her…. all the while keeping his distance. Not anymore! This time, he is staking his claim! He will do everything and anything to gain Lily’s trust. If that isn’t love then I don’t know what is.


We’ve all grown to love Beth’s delicate little sister, Lily, from book 1 to 3. She is so broken, suffering from such painful memories that she had kept locked away… which leaves her suffering from anxiety. Lily has this very gentle spirit, that you just want to protect her.

And she is also a God-fearing person and vowed to never have sex unless they are married. So good luck with that Shade!

Then there’s this… how is Lily gonna react when she finds out the biker’s lifestyle… the world that her sister, Beth, has been trying to hide from her?

I love how Ms. Begley chose not to completely change who Lily is and at the same time slowly creating her character growth. With Shade’s help of course, slowly and patiently showing Lily to face her fear, again with a lot of love and patience that is Shade, giving Lily no choice. And that’s besides Shade protecting Lily from someone who’s been trying to get her.

I loved all the emotions portrayed… it was heartbreaking and heartwarming… Besides it being really hot and romantic and funny… there is action and suspense…. and a whole lot of surprises and unveiling….. Not to forget that brotherhood family bond atmosphere that comes with the biker group… Added bonus, the lead characters from The VIP Room Series  and Biker Bitches are incorporated in this story tooLoved it!!!! Just like one big happy? dysfunctional family!!!! 

Oh, and those orgy party that is a big thing in this series? It’s still there… It wouldn’t be The Last Rider if there wasn’t right? Just a little pipe down. And yes, there is one scene where I was hoping Lily wouldn’t cross… but I guess she’s gotta compromise a bit too. Just don’t expect that there won’t be none of those.

Written in multi-POV.

By Casperfitz

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