Half-Blood (Covenant #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout 





The Hematoi descend from the unions of gods and mortals, and the children of two Hematoi pure bloods have godlike powers. Children of Hematoi and mortals–well, not so much. Half-bloods only have two options: become trained Sentinels who hunt and kill daimons or become servants in the homes of the pures. Seventeen-year-old Alexandria would rather risk her life fighting than waste it scrubbing toilets, but she may end up slumming it anyway. There are several rules that students at the Covenant must follow. Alex has problems with them all, but especially rule #1:Relationships between pures and halfs are forbidden. Unfortunately, she’s crushing hard on the totally hot pure-blood Aiden. But falling for Aiden isn’t her biggest problem–staying alive long enough to graduate the Covenant and become a Sentinel is. If she fails in her duty, she faces a future worse than death or slavery: being turned into a daimon, and being hunted by Aiden. And that would kind of suck.













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I’m trying to catch up with books I’ve been meaning to read from way back and  and I’m glad I finally am!!!

This is a very entertaining read. The only thing is, maybe cause it feels too YA, Alexandra a.k.a. Alex, the heroine, who is 17 years old, and a half-blood, has a character that is too stubborn, too reckless and too mouthy that she irritates the hell out of me!


BUT… she does have her good qualities too…

This series goes like this: Greek gods plus mortal equals Pure Blood; Pure Blood plus Mortals equals Half Blood…

So that makes the Pure Blood the superior ones, next to the gods of course;

…. and the half bloods, well, they can either attend the Covenant or go into the working class… meaning the half’s who have a pure blood willing to speak for them and pay for the cost of their education were enrolled in the Covenant to train as Sentinels or Guard. The other half’s, well, they are turned into servants for the pure blood, with no will nor freedom. Sucks right?


Then there are “daimon’s”, the bad ones, cause they live to kill… they suck all the aether out of the pure blood resulting to more daimons. The half bloods couldn’t be turned which is why they were trained to fight daimons…

The story also gives you a love-triangle-ish atmosphere. This being Alex is attracted to Aiden, a 20 years old Sentinel and a pure blood, so even though Aiden returns the feeling, pure blood and half blood is forbidden to be together. Then there’s Seth! Seth is an Apollyon, the only half-blood with the ability to control the elements and use the same kind of compulsion the pures could use on mortals.

There are a lot of Rules and a lot of history going on in this series. Then there is this Oracle with a prophesy about Alex… meaning more puzzlers to look forward to!


I very much enjoyed the storyline, I think it was fascinating and cool. As for the love-triangle-ish thing going, I couldn’t, for now, chose which team to take, be it team Aiden or team Seth. Seth comes out too strong, and yet I don’t feel like Alex really gave him a chance to get to know him… and that’s besides Alex is scared of him… and them together, and their fate… Whereas Aiden is all kinds of sexy and patient with Alex, I love them together, but then again, they aren’t allowed to be… Frustrating really.

There is action and suspense… and a not so much as a surprise, cause yeah you would see it coming. But still, I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and looking forward to the next book!

By Casperfitz.

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