Shattered Promises (Shattered Promises #1) by Jessica Sorensen 






**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content.
(A re-imagining of my young adult book, The Fallen Star, told as a New Adult Paranormal)

For twenty-one year-old Gemma, life has never been normal. She knows nothing about her past and has been haunted by the same monsters in her nightmares for the last few months. Unemotional and numb to life, she feels disconnected from everyone. Until the very first day she cries. After that, nothing in her life is the same.
Her emotions slowly surface and she starts experiencing love, happiness, and anger, feelings she never knew existed. But they leave her confused and she doesn’t know whether to embrace them or run away from them.
Her life only gets more complicated when she meets Alex. Sexy, arrogant, and secretive, Alex can get under Gemma’s skin like no one can. Yet she’s drawn to him by an invisible connection she has no control over. She’s also seen him before. In her nightmares.
Every part of Gemma’s mind is screaming at her to stay away from Alex, but every other part of her is begging to get close to him. But the closer she gets, the more she realizes Alex knows more about her than he originally let on.
As secrets about her past unravel, Gemma’s life becomes threatened. She needs to figure out what’s going on, before she winds up dead. But the only person she can turn to for answers is the one person she isn’t sure she can trust.




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Nancy's Review

3.5 – 4 STARS!

Gemma’s definition of normal for 21 years was living without feelings and she has no memory of her past. In other words, she is unemotional and numb inside… That is until that day when suddenly she started feeling.

Enters the hot, green eyed, Alex and his sister Aislin. Both are Keepers or members of the Keepers of Life, a group who supposedly protects the world from dangerous things.

Gemma seems to have this very strong attraction towards Alex that she just itches to touch him, kiss him and what have you! And she has dreams of him even before they met. While Alex is giving me this cold and hot personality. I was digging his being an a-hole and I was kinda liking it, then he goes all nice  and then goes back to being an ass! This goes on almost the entire book….  makes me want to bang my head in the wall! I’d hate to be Gemma and be all attracted to that! 

So, all in all,  while Gemma is learning and dealing with  all these emotions, she has to deal with Alex’s hot and cold treatment… And she also found out what she is or the power that she holds that everyone wants to own…. All that while running for her life against the Death Walkers and not knowing who to trust! Complicated right?

And I am guessing she is yet to discover her power!? Since for someone supposedly powerful, she’s got nada so far… nope, nothing.

As for Alex’s sister, Aislin, well,  I don’t really know if she even cares, she is most of the time on her cel phone.

Let’s not forget the hot and sexy blue-eyed, Laylen, who use to be a Keepers but since he was turned vampire, he is no longer a member. And Gemma also has this soft spot for him. 

I loved Laylen… he seems to be the only one who has no hidden agenda and the only honest person in the group. But there wasn’t much to read about him, which was discouraging. 😦

So, all in all, I have mixed feelings towards this start of a fantasy/paranormal series. The storyline is definitely interesting and mysterious…. it kept me anxious to know what is going on… and it disappoints me that I didn’t learn much towards the end. But I am looking forward to reading the next book and hoping some of those mysteries will be answered. This has lots of action, suspense, angst and I’m not so sure about the romance part yet 😀 … And it ended on a cliffy big time.

It is well written and under a single POV.

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