Pretty Instinct (Finally Found #1) by S.E. Hall

“If opposites attract, then I am nothing. Because you, you are everything.”

There’s no easy road traveled to such an intense sentiment, one I never dreamt I’d feel…

But I also never planned on Cannon Blackwell climbing aboard my tour bus.




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4 Something Sweet Stars!

This is a very enjoyable read… in an early start, it already played with my emotions, making me love the main characters and it is wonderfully written that made me feel like I’m there with them laughing and loving… with such promising storyline.

This is a story about Elizabeth, who had something tragic happened to her  at a very young teen age, that made her angry and bitter inside, specially to her father. Fast forward 7 years later, now 23,  she is on a tour bus with  her two hot best friends, Jarrett and Rhett Foster and her older brother, Conner. They formed a band and call themselves “See You Next Tuesday!” But after dropping off their very bitchy bassist, they needed someone to replace her…  enters Cannon Blackwell.


I easily fell in love with Liz’s character, the way she loves and protects her brother is something fierce, she is selfless, thoughtful and spunky… and she will do everything for Conner, Jarret and Rhett, the three people whom she considers the only one that matters to her, her only family. Including her uncle Bruce of course, who is their driver and makeshift manager. But, like I said, Liz’s is also full of anger inside, that makes her snap and get raging mad specially towards her father. At first, I understood why… but later on, it just went  pretty annoying. But, she is adorable too….  what comes out of her mouth can be real funny…  like on a drunken stupor, she said:

“You are not in charge, Cannon Blackwell. You do not eat my pussy or pay my bills, so you don’t get a say.” – Liz  

Well, I thought that was real funny… 😀

Cannon is hot and sexy and just… perfection. I love him. But sometimes I find him just way too perfect (for me anyways, hehe).  But I most certainly love how he takes care of Liz.


In fact, all of the main characters here are amazing. I could not find any fault on any of them, even when Rhett acts out jealous and insecure, he still makes everything perfect after. What I didn’t get was, as the story progressed, Jarret and Rhett’s part of the story just kinda drifted off like their band. 😦

Now, Conner, for me, is the heart of the story. You just have to read it yourself to know why. I too wanna protect him and love him something fierce.

Music plays a big rule in this book, seeing how they use the lyrics of the song to communicate their feelings. I would pause my reading just to listen to the music they’d pick, to be in the moment… but not on all of them….  cause there was just way too many songs. But, I enjoyed that part too.

BUT, yes I have to say this, and I hate to say it, the story failed me along the way. Hard to explain without giving out spoilers.  Let’s just say, everything just happened really fast setting out doubt on what could be an awesome story… and I just wanted something more. 🙂 BUT that Epilogue, it almost made everything perfect again, almost. 😉

All in all…. this is a sweet, funny, very romantic, quite touching, sexy and hot novel.

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