Bedlam by B.A. Morton

18464093Love hurts. Obsession kills.

Joe loves Kit. Everyone thinks she’s dead. Joe knows she’s not.

If you lost the love of your life, how far would you go to get them back?
Detective Joe McNeil would do absolutely anything.
When Joe breathes life into a killer’s victim, he discovers what anything really means.

Nell will use whatever is necessary to ensure she survives, including Joe. Is she really a victim or merely the weapon being wielded by a much more cunning foe?

As Joe struggles between his love for missing Kit and his growing obsession with the enigmatic Nell, he plunges headlong into a spiralling nightmare of kidnap, murder and betrayal. His relentless search for the truth jeopardises his career, his sanity and his life.

But for Nell, the risk is even greater.

A haunting tale of obsessive love, ultimate sacrifice and deadly consequences.

“Bold … Different … Scary.”





Silvana's Review

I’ve been sitting for ages stumped on how to review this book- Not because I don’t have the words, on the contrary I have too many but unfortunately they may spoil the book for any that have not read it yet.

This novel captivated me, completely consumed my thoughts during and hours after I finished it. In the beginning I was reading and trying to guess what’s going on which left me confused and frustrated. At the 40% mark, I decided to stop trying to outsmart the book and just let it reveal all to me.

This was such an enthralling, well written read. You just have to relax and let the book guide you, I had many outlandish theories flying around in my head!


But let me tell you the ending was genius, though I was able to connect a few pieces of the puzzle correctly and get a gist of what’s going on, most of the revelations were astounding and pure brilliance.


At the end I have to add to hell with Gentle and sweet, I want devious, cunning, broken and selfless!

I hear you.
I love you.


(This pic is for Jahy whom I have to thank for keeping me sane while reading as well as Bev, you rock! :D)…


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