Hate to Love You by Elise Alden 

Hate to love you

Despite my slutty reputation, I was technically a virgin at eighteen. But it turns out all those sex-ed teachers aren’t just trying to scare you. The faint positive on a budget pregnancy test sent me spinning, moments before meeting my sister’s snooty new fiancé.

Shaking hands with upper-crusty James was like downing a triple shot of vodka. Dizzy with desire, confused by my body’s reaction, and shocked by the possessiveness flashing in his eyes, I deceived him that night and told the world at their wedding reception.

The truth?
I slept with my sister’s fiancé. Hot and sweaty, all night long in a room so dark he couldn’t tell I wasn’t her.

The lie?
Said fiancé is the father of my child. The one I signed over my rights to just before he was born.

That was seven years ago.

It’s time to come clean.

95,000 words.


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Nancy's Review


4.5 Punto Final Stars!

I always love it when the book cover is very enticing, then comes a synopsis that would really pique your interest. Well, it got mine and I’m glad, cause I loved it!!!

For a changed, I am in love with the female protagonist a lot more than the male protagonist, despite all her mishaps.

Paisley is honest (weird I would say she is honest when she lied), very spunky and well, she did go after that one thing she shouldn’t, her older sister’s fiancé, James.

I slept with my sister’s fiancé. Hot and sweaty, all night long in a room so dark he couldn’t tell I wasn’t her.

And there’s more… on her sister’s wedding reception, she announced that she slept with James and that:

“James,” I said, putting my hand on my stomach. “I’m three months pregnant and you’re the father. You were up and in my pussy so fast there was nothing between us, remember?”

But before you jump to conclusion, I urge you to read her story first.  

This book has this quite intense passion and with just the perfect amount of angst. And what I thought was confusing (Paisley’s pregnancy), was explained in the end. (Though I’m still a bit confused about that, but hey, it’s fiction and it works!)

The first time Paisley and James met, I couldn’t help but love their chemistry. Although, James can be a real prick.

I would have loved to read Jame’s thoughts, but I guess it’s part of the mystery that’ll keep you guessing.

James is mysterious and  complicated.  He is the epitome of the proper Mr. Mark Darcy.  And while Paisley, has a little a Bridget Jones vibe too.


Why am I not mentioning Paisley sister, Caroline? Well, cause she is part of the reason why you must read Paisley’s story first before you judge her completely.

Why couldn’t I give this a 5 star despite me loving this… it’s cause I wanted more in the end. It had the perfect ending, but I find it end just too soon.

A quite refreshing and beautifully written book.

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