Rhapsody on a Theme (Vivaldi in the Dark #3) by Matthew J. Metzger



Sequel to The Devil’s Trill Sonata

Although their relationship has been repaired since the disaster that was Cambridge, Darren has not. His depression has worsened over the years until it is no longer an option to watch the illness play out its patterns. Treatment is a must.

Treatment is also a difficult disaster. When the second attempt at medication goes as badly wrong as the first, and Darren is forced through a rapid deterioration of mood swings, insomnia, nausea and increasingly dangerous thought patterns, his partner Jayden begins to fear that the only end to this disease will also be the end of Darren himself.

Apart from a single glimmer of hope: when Darren’s best friend asks Darren to play at his wedding, Darren begins to slowly return to the half-forgotten piano. As he slowly sinks back into the music that he deserted seven years earlier, the shadows — finally — begin to fade.


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Mare's Review


Whoa. What a ride with this trilogy.

From the 1st page of book 1, Vivaldi in the Dark, to the last page of book 3, Rhapsody on a Theme.

The genre is Young Adult.  Although book 3 follows more into adulthood, these 3 books stay true to YA.

The sex scenes aren’t really scenes. The nitty and gritty will only fully be sprung within your imagination. This romance follows 2 boys and depression.

I won’t go into major details of the book because I feel everyone should self discover the joy of reading and not have it ruined for you.  I will tell you that it does deal with depression and Matthew J. Metzger keeps it real. The details, the dark world Darren lives in sometimes can be felt within the pages of this trilogy.  You hurt when he hurts and you breathe when he is out from under the dark cloud.

Depression is a real illness that I feel doesn’t get it’s due as it should. Happy people could never understand what depression is really like.  Most will harp that said person could just snap out of it. Unfortunately it isn’t so. In Darren’s world he had Jayden, who is by far a pretty amazing guy. Especially for a young teenager/adult who are usually selfish. But Jayden was raised by a single mother for some time, and I know for a fact. as I was a single mom for a time myself, that those kids are different. Worldly, more sensitive, more mature than their respective peers. Adults in child size bodies.

The road for Darren and Jayden was a long one, mostly depressing, and we finally get that HEA for these 2.

The supporting characters were great, especially Livvy who I feel a deep connection with as our similarities could be 1 and the same.

While YA isn’t typically my go to genre because you know I got a kid that age, it just feels wrong to me lol, I recommend this series to all. Its not an easy read, but to me the more angsty a book the better, but it is worth your time. Darren and Jayden are memorable and will stay with you.  Matthew J. Metzger is a great story-teller and I will def be reading more of his work.

4 stars for the overall series



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