Reciprocity (Breach #3) by K.I. Lynn 


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The final installment of the Breach Trilogy!

Things are finally looking up for Nathan and Lila. Though separated at work, their life together is just beginning.

They’re working hard to lock up Lila’s past, when Nathan’s comes knocking at the door with a gift—a warning that happiness can, and will, be taken away.

Is running away the only option to stay alive? Can they ever find the peace they deserve?

The battle for survival has begun.



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4 Hot Stars!

You know how much we love and look forward to that pervy dirty mouth of one Nathan Thorne? Well, there is a lot of him doing exactly just that. Seriously, these two CANNOT get enough of each other!


It even made me wonder if their story would ever continue without both of them going at each other. 😉

BUT, their story did move forward!!!! Picking up a month after when Nathan left the law firm and a month since their engagement.

Lila’s character has somehow grown more confident and Nathan is, well, Nathan. Though, I do find them both a little bit too mushy here…. not saying that that is bad thing. 😉

It is gratifying to read how these two, and their relationship, has finally evolved.

“And we’re evolving as people and a couple. Life isn’t only about the crap we’ve been through anymore. The everyday shit, sharing it, and living life is the new us.” – Nathan 

I enjoyed reading Nathan’s POV just as much as Lila’s.

The story left no hole unanswered… from Lila’s abusive stepbrother and Nathan’s issue with a certain mob boss. Even the Boob Squad is still here, though I find it quite extreme, but since they were a part of the story from the start, I guess they deserved their own exit, lol. 😀

Everything was wrapped up pretty neatly with a just the right amount of edginess and some action and suspense.

It is well written, as I expect nothing less from Ms. K.I. Lynn. 🙂

Though this final instalment  not have completely captivated me like the first 2 of the series, BUT overall, this has been an emotional, HOT and exciting series! 😉

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