Forever Consumed (Consumed #3) by Skyla Madi 



This is it.

My revenge.

I can taste it on my tongue, it’s sweet and it’s addictive.

I’ve worked way too hard to settle for second best and I will come out on top.
Seth Marc is back and training harder than ever before to redeem his loss to Don Russell. Tensions are high but stakes are higher as MMAC founder, Matt Somers, forces Seth and Don to train under the same roof.
Though Matt Somers believes it’s only good fun to provoke the two for publicity, he doesn’t realize just how serious the situation is.

With Olivia by his side, Seth Marc pushes himself to his limits and struggles to keep opponent, Don Russell, out of his head as they fight it out one last time.




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Nancy's Review



3.5 Stars

I love this series, so I was really looking forward to reading this conclusion of Seth and Olivia’s story.  It is heartwarming to read about them now as married couple .

Although Seth also has to mentally and physically prepare for his impending MMA fight against his most hateful nemesis, Don Russell, who seems to take every opportunity he can get to rattle Seth’s cage.

I am loving Seth and Olivia’s all hot and romantic scenes….  Talks about their future together….  It is very sweet…  They have come too far.

I fell in love with Seth from the first book, and again on the 2nd book, he is definitely a swoon worthy hot alpha male.  But, it hurts me to say this, he acted quite disappointingly twice in this one.  It just wasn’t something I expected a Seth thing to do.  😦

Whereas Olivia,  I admire her complete support towards her husband and I love that she is  she is very forgiving and doesn’t wallow on the negativity but recognizes what is important.  I am happy for her.

As for the rest of the characters; Jackson really needs to get over himself and move on….  Selena, I am not so sure anymore, she has not given me any reason to like her….  While Darryl, well, he is the best of the bunch since he seems to be the only logical one.

Story wise, while it has it’s moments, it didn’t quite live up to the first 2 parts of the series.  There were scenes I really could do without, like reading about Seth’s nightmares again and again. And  the part where Don tries to rile Seth up, it just kinda gets old.

Still, I love this MMA romantic novel. It is well written, it is edgy with lots of hot and romantic scenes… and that Epilogue under Seth’s POV, was, for me, just the perfect Seth ending. 😉

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