Wingman (Woman) by Bella Jewel

All men have a wingman – it’s the bro code.

I’d like to say I fit into that code – only I am missing a certain long, hard member that automatically allows me entrance.

That doesn’t matter – because for him I’m the ultimate.

His wingman.

Well, in the grand scheme of things – his wing-woman.

Reign Braxton. Womaniser. Asshole. Douche of the century. Sexy as sin but as rule would have it – all sexy men have a problem.
Reign is still lusting after the one that got away.

Enter me. Wing woman of the century, make-ex-jealous extraordinaire.

It’s my job.

Why do I do it, you ask? Simple – money.
Reign’s obsession gives me a good lifestyle.

I am anything he wants me to be, all for a price of course.
But I go and do something incredibly stupid – I fall in love with my boss. My boss who is in love with his ex.

There are no prizes for second best.



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Nancy's Review


5 Angst Delight Stars!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed and finished reading this in no time!

The story started out real funny and cute : with Tiani, the female lead, hanging-out in a club with her BFF, Autumn, hoping to get themselves “laid”,  that was the plan. Just two sexy single ladies on the prowl for hot men.  Then Tiani met the brooding “sexy as hell”, club owner, Reign. And instead of closing the deal and shagging Reign, she ended playing as his wingman or rather wing woman and helped him land a woman for the night!

I love Tiani, she is really funny, she’s got that “one of the guys” kind of vibe… just adorable, honest and the real deal.

Reign is hot, sexy and complicated… He is so blind to start with, I want to knock his head off so many times!

Cause Reign here is still pining for his ex of 7 years, an ex who slept with his assistant and broke his heart! BUT, there is more to that story……  and you have to read to find out. 😉

Moving on with the story, Reign decided to hire Tiani as his wingman, and as his bookkeeper (since she is an accountant who works from home), and to act as his date on occasions he needed one… and lastly, to make his ex, Selena, or as Tiani calls her “Slutena”, jealous, with the sole purpose of getting them, Slutena and Reign, back together.

Now, why does a hot, rich guy like Reign need a wingman? Cause he doesn’t want to do the work, he wants it easy and I quote;

 “I’m not a man that can walk into a bar and melt the panties off someone with conversation. I fuck, it’s that simple.” – Reign

Just proving what I said, the man is blind! Cause obviously, he can melt panties without talking. But this is how their story begins. And it works for me! 😉

BUT of course, a story like this is never that simple… specially when Tiani started to have feelings , ah such feelings, towards Reign. It’s inevitable! But will she settle as his second best since his ex Slutena still holds his heart???

I loved the friendship that they made together, it kinda reminds me of “3 weeks notice” with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. Only Tiani’s story took it a little further… when that boundaries between friendship are crossed!!! Yep, I said it!  It’s definitely on and it’s HOT!!!



And since it’s Ms. Bella Jewel, it is beautifully written. This had me on emotional angst from start to finish. It’s funny, romantic and heartwarming. There were moments that my heart broke for Tiani!

And if you are a fan of Ms Jewel, like I am, and have read The MC Sinner’s Series”, I’m happy to mention that Spike, Cade and Jackson, of said series, and their old ladies, also played a part in this story! 😉 Hot bikers in the house, HEL-LO!!!  😀

hot bikers

Then there’s Autumn and her mysterious biker…. but that’s another story…  just something to look forward to…  I’m thinking more MC book from Ms. Jewel?! YAY!

It is a standalone and with just the perfect ending.  I LOVED it!!!!

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