King (The VIP Room #3) by Jamie Begley 





My good intentions always led to disaster. The cold hard truth is that I was never meant to be a father to Lily. Staying in Treepoint, Kentucky for a few weeks to get to know my daughter was meant to be a time of discovery, instead I find out that she’s married to a killer and living in a sex club. I’m going to find out how to destroy The Last Riders and give Lily the future she deserves.


He thinks I’m a whore; he doesn’t know me. I’m nobody’s fool, but he thinks he’s going to use me to find The Last Riders only weakness. That’s his biggest mistake of all. There’s more to me than meets the eye. King thinks he’s too good for me, that I’m less than dirt in his eyes. What the King of Queen City is going to find out too late is that I’m his judge, and I hold his life in my hands.



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5 Hotness Stars!

I would have never thought of King and Evie! What a surprise… and happy to say,  it worked out perfectly!

We all know who King is and what he does… the most surprising story here is Evie’s. I’ve always liked her, but she was always just one of The Last Rider’s women, though somewhat different. I am really happy that she was given a voice and a story… and to have her happily ever after.

It all started with King wanting to do right by his daughter, Lily, by trying to get her away from Shade, who he thinks is dangerous, and that Shade’s motorcycle club is more of a sex club than anything else. (I do find the humour here 😉 )

evil smile

King’s plan is to use Evie to get more information or dirt against Shade…  Meanwhile, Evie is also out to spy on him to make sure he doesn’t do anything that would lead to endangering Lily’s life again! But there is also that  attraction, the pull they have for each other…   But, they also both have their own personal demons to overcome with to be able to move forward.

Evie’s character is really easy to like/love, she is loyal, kick-ass, honest and to the point. I enjoyed reading about her background… her story was a surprise and  heartbreaking.  And I most specially loved reading about her history with Shade and with the rest of the MC group….

Then there is her  bitch of a sister, Brooke, who  somehow is now also in Treepoint, with her own evil agenda! I so want to smack her!

smack face

I’ve always pictured King as just Lily’s dad who was like a scary boss that owns and runs a strip club and controls Queen City!!!  Who knows that he is also hot and sexy….. and sweet and charming!  So I’m picturing him as Mr. McSteamy here… just cause I can… 😛


The thing I loved the most is that, this has been a brilliant interlacing between The VIP Room Series,  and The Last Rider’s Series,  as their respective story continues.

Then there is that lovely ending, but which I would have wanted more. But, I am quite sure that this isn’t over yet!  Can’t wait for what’s next!

 Another delightful read…   with just the right amount of angst… It is action-packed, suspenseful… with  lots of Hot romance and humour. 😉



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