Keeping Jahleel (Loving All Wrong #1.5) by S. Ann Cole




Note to self:

If an arsehole tells you he’s yours, believe him.

If a good guy tells you he’s yours, be dubious.

Good guys lie, because their ‘good’ reputation makes it so easy.

Arseholes never lie. Because they have no reason to. They don’t care about your ‘feelings’. They just slap ya’ with the hard truths.

And nothing hurts more than the truth, right?

So basically, Hard Truth is an arsehole’s most precious weapon.

I wish I’d known all this. I wouldn’t have been so distrustful, nagging, annoying, and jealous. I wouldn’t have been the girlfriend every guy hates to have.

Keeping Jahleel shouldn’t have been that hard. I had him. He was mine. He loved me.
He assured me of this. Over and over.
And I should’ve believed.
I should’ve kept my mouth—and legs—shut.
I should’ve believed when he told me he was mine, and mine alone.

Because arseholes never lie.
A follow-up novella to JAHLEEL




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These days, I’m hesitant to read follow up’s on romance novels… cause most often, the author tend to change the character that we’ve grown to love.

BUT, I am happy to say that, in this sequel, Ms. Cole stayed true to her characters and only worked on their character growth!!!!!

Now if you’re looking for that perfect main characters, then this book is not for you.  But if you want a more challenging and flawed individuals with a challenging and flawed relationship, then I would highly recommend!

I loved this!!!!


I was a little bit irritated in the beginning by Saskia’s needy/insecure attitude towards Jahleel… But it stayed perfectly within her character since she is so utterly in love with JK and  she had lost him ones and is afraid of losing him again. But her confidence was slowly building…  And she is still that sassy and kick-ass Saskia that I love!

And  Jahleel is still that same asshole that I love too! He still have that real tough exterior that I’ve grown to understand.  Not a lot of people will get Jahleel, but I definitely dig him!  😉 He is hot, intense, tenacious and very passionate!

But while these two are back together, there is still that issue of “trust” considering everything that they’ve been through. Which had me on the edge thinking something bad is bound to happen soon!

And it did! And I was dumbstruck!

To quote Lion, their manager….

“You two are explosive. Tragic. Bad shit happens when you get together.”

So, picture me going….


heart breaking

That surprising and huge twist of the story….  let’s just say, there was a lot of crying in my part.  It was torture!

But  not to worry, cause they also have the most perfect ending.  😀

As for Krissy, I have not read her story, and maybe when I do I would understand her situation with Jahleel more. But still, I wished for Saskia to kick her ass!

There’s  one other thing I hoped to have happened in the story though. I had hoped for anyone to beat the shit out of Tex Laklin more. What he did was unforgivable! I bet Chad would!!!

And speaking of Chad, my hot mysterious Russian…  I can’t wait to read his story next! I think I’m going to love him more! 😉

This book is hot, intense, edgy, full of angst and romantic! Beautifully written and I am definitely now a huge fan of Ms. S. Ann Cole… 😉



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2 responses to “Keeping Jahleel (Loving All Wrong #1.5) by S. Ann Cole

  1. Silvana

    I love this review N! Now I want to read this ASAP to see what happens.

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