Review~~~(The Knight Chronicles #1-2) by John Cassian



Killing Matt CooperKilling Matt Cooper 
by John Cassian

by John Cassian

The Knight ChroniclesThe Knight Chronicles 

by John Cassian




Book 1 Killing Matt Cooper: 4 Glad to know you Sam Stars!!
Book 2 Killing Sam Knight: 5 I want more of Sam Stars!!

As the blurb HERE clearly states, book 1 was about “A FEMA crisis manager by day and serial killer by night becomes romantically involved with the FBI unit chief hunting him down. Will she learn his dark secret?” so I won’t go on about what the book is about and the characters, you need to read the book.

Book 1 was an enjoyable short read, it sets up nicely the path we undertake to get to know Sam, a serial killer with a twist. Told in first person’s POV, Sam’s mind seemed a mass of contradiction at first. There is something utterly fascinating about exploring a sociopath’s mind, Sam didn’t disappoint. The book had some cringe-worthy moments, graphic scenes, the usual ‘the whole world is to blame’ and scenes that went beyond cringe-worthy and were just utterly disturbing- This book made me laugh, flinch at some scenes and left me stunned at others.

I was loath to admit that I totally fell in love with a fictional serial killer then I read all the other ladies’ reviews and was happy to know I am not alone. I LOVE SAM KNIGHT and I felt sorry for him at certain points. The ending left me wanting more and I quickly started book 2.
Killing Matt Cooper was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest opinion, THANK YOU.

NOW TO BOOK 2 AND IT WAS AMAZING. I enjoyed being in Sam’s mind before but in this I LOVED the crazy ride. We delve more into what makes him tick, his inner struggles, thoughts and everyday dilemmas had me laughing and worrying about him (don’t judge me, couldn’t help it)

The first page was a shocker. I have to say starting this, I didn’t trust Kathleen’s motives and her heaving bosom where Sam is concerned- Was she misleading our boy to catch him in the act or was she genuine?.I loved the irony of these two investigating another serial killer together.

Killing Sam Knight was a page turner, utterly fascinating and twisted. ‘Sam’s thoughts were normal human thoughts and fears, you just have to add to it the ‘serial killing element’.

In this book, we find Sam struggling with being his own serial killer and trying to please Kathleen, very willing to compromise to make her happy. Loved how he remained true and true to her despite everything~~~ Now that’s true commitment there.

My Favorite quote:
I hated copycat killers. They were so…unoriginal. Couldn’t they think up their own methods of killing? Couldn’t they kill for their own reasons, rather than to try and get the attention of another killer?
I Hear you, Copycat killers are the worst.


While book 1 left me wanting more, book 2 left me craving more of this fascinating series. I highly recommend if you are a fan of this genre, certainly worth the time.


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  1. Ashlee

    Loved your review Sil!!!

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