Afterglow (Wildefire #3) by Karsten Knight

Afterglow by Karsten Knight
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: November 12, 2013
Genre: YA, Paranormal & Fantasy, Mythology


The action thrills and the passion burns in this red-hot conclusion to the Wildefire trilogy.

Teenage volcano goddess Ashline Wilde discovers that her former love, Colt Halliday, has an evil plan to kill the Cloak, the benevolent beings that oversee the gods. And that’s not all—he also wants to merge Ash and her two sisters back into a single, too-powerful goddess, Pele. Ash must stop her trickster-god ex-boyfriend once and for all…and to do it, she’s going to have to feed a few flames.

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An Amazing Ride

My favorite series of the year.

Like the second book, this did not disappoint. It’s worth rereading book one and two just for this (pardon my poor memory). The plot, the twists, the action, there were never a dull moment and everything had its own purpose. There were several good surprises, and the ending was just superb. You really couldn’t ask for a better one.

Though Colt was the ever coniving manipulative trickster, you had to give him credits for the length that he went into resurrecting his “love”. I loved how much depths and complexities the characters had. The villain was not just any villain, you could see why he’s acting that way. The bad girl wasn’t just plain bad, she did have a heart and did an almost complete overhaul of the stereotyped image that I had of her earlier. Like with previous books, there were quite a few other side characters and many flashbacks but none prevented me from loving this book. It was interesting to watch the history of Pele and Colt unfold.

It makes one ponder the fine line between love and obsession. You might not see it when you’re thick in the middle of it. If you ask me though, I’d still rather choose having to experience some of that than none at all.

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