The Truth About Air & Water (Truth In Lies #2)


About the book: 

From the bestselling author of This Much Is True, book 1 comes Owen’s latest novel, The Truth About Air & Water, book 2 in the Truth In Lies Series.

Tally Landon and Lincoln Presley share an epic love. The famous couple is poised to begin their married life together after his baseball season ends at the World Series and before her fall ballet season begins, but then a single moment changes everything and a life together that seemed so certain is now shattered. The ballerina learns that you never love the same way twice while the baseball player learns that starting over may be the only way to return home. You only think you know how this love story goes, but do you really know how an epic love can end?

“There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

She is living color, and I’ve been in a black-and-white world for far too long without her.
Powerful stuff. It surrounds me. I’ve felt it since I first arrived. The forcefield of her. The magnetism of her. The power she wields over me. I’m alive again because of her, like a dying plant that finally gets some water. I’ve got it bad for this girl.
Reality dawns.
The light comes through the darkness and shines on me.
She’s my water.

-Lincoln Presley

The truth is I breathe with him. He is my air. Raison d’etre.
-Tally Landon

Author’s note: This novel, The Truth About Air & Water, is part of theTruth In Lies series but can be read as standalone. This Much Is True is book 1 in the series.


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Mare's Review


4 She did it to me again starz. 

Thank you KO for the advanced readers copy of this book 

Katherine Owen does NOT do Light and Fluffy. She does stab your heart and watch you slowly bleed to death. She stabs with these little pricks. She stabs with intent on making you reach down to hold your heart and in your hands and watch it beat out.

Tis true that this can be read as a Standalone. But don’t do it. Don’t do that to yourself. You would be missing the backstory, the angst and having your soul crushed. Get your soul crushed people! It is worth it in the end!!!!

TMIT shattered my soul. Living in a book where 96% of it is angst… Shatters your soul. I went into TMIT with no knowledge of the book or what was in store for me…

My GR updates scared some people away!

08/27/2013 8.0% “Another angsty read.. oh my heart, my precious fragile heart… can it take this????”
08/27/2013 18.0% “breaking….cracking… my heart is fucking HURTING 2 comments
08/27/2013 48.0% “I.CANT.TAKE.THE.HEARTACHE! I need a grief counsellor stat! And a hug! I need…. I need the HEA or I may slit my fucking wrists!”
08/28/2013 65.0% “This book is FUCKING KILLING ME
But yet like an addicted heroin addict I can’t stop…
08/28/2013 67.0% “NO!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!!
GOD” 5 comments
08/28/2013 99.0% “IM DONE… HOLY HOLY SHIT!!! <3”


^^^^ see ^^^ Soul.Shattering. 

So with that being said I was way more prepared for Tally and Linc this time around.

A different set of problems, coping mechanisms and ANGST ANGST ANGST out your eyes and ears and nose and throat.

Tally and Linc are like no 2 other characters. I can’t compare them. And now a days when reading a Het book makes me roll my eyes continuously, This. Them. Breathe of fresh air. It reminds me that there are some seriously amazing authors out there that love to sucker punch you right in the throat 🙂 It’s real. With most books you get to the HEA/HFN and are content because in your mind it all worked out and they walked hand in hand right into that rainbow with puppies weaving in and out of their feet. They had the 2.5 kids and the white picket fence.

Real life, sends obstacles…lots and lots of them and everyday in a marriage/relationship is a struggle. Everyday you wonder what if I just throw the towel down? What am I doing? You question every little thing. Everything.

I could understand Tally. Amazing how well I understood her.

I won’t get into the specifics of the book but I will tell you after book 2, the uphill battle for these 2 looks as if it has finally come to an end. I LOVED the ending. Loved it. I cried happy happy tears as I lied in bed last night finishing this up.

KO~ You did it again. It was Epic

True unconditional love tears through the fragile fabric of mortality. Life can come and go as quick as the wind, but love survives the test of time. A heart full of love will always be remembered.” Unkown


Review of Book 1:



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2 responses to “The Truth About Air & Water (Truth In Lies #2)

  1. Thank you for reading my work. I’m touched by your thoughtful and amazing review. Love it!


    Katherine Owen
    Writer | Dark, angsty love stuff

  2. Loved it!!! Thanks for giving me a chance to read and review it ❤

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