Darkness Clashes (The Sensor #4) by Susan Illene 

Between her service in the U.S. Army and her new life living with supernaturals in Alaska, Melena Sanders has had her loyalty and duty tested in every possible way.

Or so she thought.

Tensions among supernatural factions in Fairbanks are growing after the city’s recent attacks and she must pick a side. Her nephilim lover, Lucas, needs her help to search for his missing brother—whose disappearance may not be all it seems. And agents from the Department of Homeland Security are lurking about investigating the suspicious “earthquake” that rocked the region four months ago.

It’s not the best time to be planning a trip out of town, but troubles in Fairbanks aren’t her only problem. A greater supernatural plot is developing and only by attending an upcoming ball in New Orleans can she discover more. There’s no way to avoid it. Her loyalty and duty to those she cares for are about to clash.


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Darkness Clashes : Amazon / B&N / iTunes 






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My Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Action Packed, Super Hot Stars!!!!

I really enjoyed this series… A world full of Nephilims, Vampires, Guardians, Demons, Fairies, Trolls, Werewolves, Angels and Sensors….

On the first book, I learned a lot about Melena Sanders, the heroine… that she is a sensor, meaning she can sense the paranormals within the surrounding area near her, she can tell what kind of supernatural, how many, and how old… She can also tell if one is telling the truth or not. Sensor’s are hated by the supernaturals and when you read the series, you will understand why.

Melena’s character grew on me… she is a very giving person who would fight to her last breath if it means saving her friends. She is a good fighter and it helps that she has the background or training of an army.

Lucas, the hero, is a Nephilim, a half angel….. He is the perfect alpha. Though he was harsh towards Melena in the beginning, but he was always there when she needs saving.

I fell in love with Lucas on the second sequel of this series. For me, it was the best one amongst the series so far.

The hotness factor started in the second book as well, it is also where feelings were finally revealed. And boy was it HOT! 😉 I loved it!

Like the series before this, it is action packed and full of suspense.

Here, Kerbasi, a guardian… brought the humour in the story, his innocence in the human world I certainly find amusing. And somehow, despite the role he played as the torturer, I could not really hate him… in fact, at the end of this book, I have grown fond of him.

There is a lot of angst and edginess with the tensions amongst the supernaturals… and then there’s a lot of secrets going around. It was actually giving me a headache with everything that is suddenly happening that, for me, sometimes could get confusing or overwhelming… It doesn’t help that this has a lot of unresolved ending. .

Still, I enjoyed the action and aaah, the sizzling romance. I have a love/hate relationship with Lucas and Melena’s constant clashes and I hate all the secrets that they keep from each other… BUT, let me just say, these two can get really steamy HOT!

A lot of interesting characters… Great world building… And a huge character growth… Very apt title, there is certainly a lot of darkness clashing with this sequel…. Looking forward to the next one… 🙂

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