A Royal Affair by John Wiltshire


About the book: 

Doctor Nikolai Hartmann represents himself as a learned man of science who believes wholly in the rational and scientific above all else. In reality, he is a man haunted by an unusual past and running from his own nature. While the Reformation transforms much of Europe, it has yet to touch Hesse-Davia; this is a land mired in superstition with cruel punishments for crimes such as witchcraft and sodomy.

While traveling to the dying king’s bedside to offer his medical expertise, Nikolai is set upon by a bandit. Reaching the king’s ancient stronghold, he discovers his mysterious brigand is the beautiful, arrogant Prince Aleksey. Aleksey is everything Nikolai is not: unguarded, passionate and willful. Despite their differences, Nikolai feels an irresistible desire for the young royal that keeps him in Aleksey’s thrall.

But Hesse-Davia is a dangerous world for a newly crowned king who wants to reform his country—and for the man who loves him.


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Mare's Review


4 Stellar Kingly stars. 

What can I say? I am totally in love with this book.

The story reminded me a lot of Captive Prince. But. It is definitely not the same. The similarities are there is a Prince, except there is only 1 prince. The sarcasm. The banter. The flirting. The sexual tension.

Is it me or is it that most historical’s that I’ve read have way more sexual tension than a modern day romance? I’m assuming that there would be because back then it was such a sin. But. Sexual tension is such a rush with books. It keeps you on your toes and keeps you interested in reading the book. It makes you salivate with WANT till you get to that part. The build up. The connection.  Because really it is and always will be about the connection for me when reading.

This book was neither meh or just ok. I loved it. Told in Nikolai’s POV the whole time.

I fell in love with a Prince and a Doctor, a horse and a wolf.



I fell in love with the banter. The sarcasm. The innuendos. The touches. The glances.

Before I dived in, I checked the book on GR, and I saw that the author answered someone’s question on whether this book was HEA or HFN. He responded to state ” There is sequel with the same characters, so I will leave you to decide!” 

I hate cliffies.They are the bane of my existence because then I have to wait. And wait. And I forget. But even with knowing this, and knowing that it probably wouldn’t end well for me,,, (the waiting, the wanting…I still jumped in both feet first. I’m so happy that I did! Because it did not end with a WTF moment. It ended superbly, with a smile on my face, and my heart squeezing with Love oh sweet love.

John Wiltshire wrote such a vivid tale of historical love. The supporting characters, the main characters. Love.

It is a slow build but for me it was worth it. The intrigue, the deaths, the magic.

Aleksey and Nikolai will stay with me forever.

Love is


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