Crash (The Outlaw #2) by Nicole James 




When outlaw biker Tyler “Crash” Shaw volunteers his services to his club brother, Cole Austin, VP of the Evil Dead MC, he suddenly finds himself a rich girl’s bodyguard and babysitter. Well, it’s a bitch of a job, but maybe he can have a little fun with it. He thinks he’ll get a kick out of teaching the pampered stuck-up girl a lesson or two on how the other half lives. She can cook and clean for him in exchange for his help. No free ride for her. He intends to teach her that money can’t buy her way through life.

The world saw a classy pulled-together wealthy lady. All he saw was a spoiled little rich girl. A troublemaker, that’s all she was to him. Until she revealed the shattered girl inside that tried so hard to hide her weaknesses and fears with a façade of arrogance, attitude, and sass.

He’d tear down those walls she tried so hard to build, if only she’d let him.

Could the love of a man so wrong for her be the only one to save her?

And in his darkest hour, would her love be enough to save him?

From the MC’s California charter in San Jose, to the casinos and brothels of Reno, to brother charters in the Deep South, this story will take you on a ride of highs and lows that lead ultimately to redemption.


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🌟🌟🌟🌟 Hot Stars!


This was one of the books I brought with me on my vacation, specially since I enjoyed the first book… And seeing a lot, and I mean a lot, of hot bikers on the road ( I’m thinking maybe I came in time for this big bikers event/convention they got going where I was, not that I would dare crash their party, lol) just adds more enticement or inspiration to the book… hehe…

And, for one, Shannon, the lead female character, is supposedly this rich, beautiful, sexy and classy lady… riding on the back on one hot and sexy tattooed manly man, Crash. 😉 Interesting, promising and sounds definitely hot!

I remembered Shannon from the first book. And I wasn’t a surprise that she’s back! This time seeking protection/help with the person who once saved her, that is Cole, the VP of the Evil Dead MC, against her rich psychotic ex-boyfriend. And who better to do the job than Crash! Well, Crash couldn’t pass on the challenged in turning the, and I quote, “spoiled princess”, into his “personal maid”… and there is the fact that he is very much attracted to Shannon. 😉 Let’s just say, they had a really fun start getting along….

I love Crash… he has that perfect asshole-lish alpha male character but a very protective and gentle side to the people he cares about. And Shannon, well, I thought I got her pegged at the beginning and I was getting into her character… but she spoiled it all and really got into my nerves. If I were to rate these two characters, it’ll be: 5 stars on Crash, 2.5 to 3 stars on Shannon.

But one of the thing I loved or appreciated with their story is that, they didn’t go hump each other right away, nope, none of that… There is definitely lots of fireworks when they finally did get together. 😀 There are also no instant-love between these two, giving their relationship a solid build up.

There is action and suspense that revolves around the biker business that I thought was quite edgy, loved it! And then there is that issue with Shannon’s ex who will stop at nothing to get her back. I love a biker romance book that is full of danger! Then there is lots of humour too!!!

I also appreciated that Cole and Angel’s story continued and in fact played a great part still in this 2nd series.… 😀 And I got to know more MC members, Green being the funniest… Then there is Wolf and Crystal, hmmm… wonder if Crystal will keep pining for Wolf or move on with Shane… Something to look forward to. 🙂

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