Twisted Dreams (The Dhampyre Chronicles #1)


Born of a vampire father to a human mother, Elizabeth Bandores’ life was never going to be normal, so she can’t image why she thinks starting college will be any different.

Having grown up in the affluent Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles and desperate to escape, she decides on the small college town of Sage Springs. With dreams of being a writer, she joins the college newspaper and is introduced to blond, confident Flynn Matthews, Sage Springs’ rising swim star.

But a carnival has set up in the small town, and the boy running the Waltzer catches her eye. Dark-haired, leather-jacketed Riley is rude, with an air of danger. Elizabeth can’t help but notice him. And when an accident thrusts them together, she discovers he’s noticed her, too.

Sage Springs isn’t the quiet little town Elizabeth had hoped for. The forests bordering the town harbour a dark secret—one some of the residents have been trying to protect, and the leaders of the carnival have set in their sights…




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#ComingOfAge #Paranormal #Romance #MysterySupense #MatureYoungAdult #Fantasy

I really want to love this one…. When I read that the main character, Elizabeth a.k.a. Beth, is a dhampyre, born of a human mother to a vampire father, I’m sold! And I did end up liking it, just not loving it.

The story started with Beth opting to attend college away from the big city and her parents, to a small town with a small college on Sage Springs. First thing she noticed when she got there was a carnival setting up. It is there that she met leather clad, dark haired, Riley, who runs the waltzer on said carnival. And for some reason, Beth was instantly drawn to him. And, when an accident brought them together, she learned that Riley has also noticed her too.

Then there’s Flynn, the school hottie and star swimmer, who has also shown interest with Beth and insistently warns her against Riley.

Beth also found out that Sage Spring isn’t the quite little town that she was hoping for when she noticed something strange was going on… In other words, there’s a whole lot of mystery surrounding Sage Spring and Beth is caught in the middle of it all.

This book is off to a good start! It is fast paced and is surrounded by mystery. But lets just say, it has its high moments and some low ones.

To mention some of the high moments : the mystery really had me all intrigued, the twists that totally took me by surprise and the suspense was just as intense. These parts completely had my attention. The world building wasn’t too bad either.

Now to the low ones… I couldn’t grasp Riley and Beth’s connection. Ugh. Maybe cause it’s a short read and there wasn’t much build up on the relationship, and I’m left with not much impression with Riley’s character.  Not that I was taken with Beth’s character either and this is written on her sole POV. She come out smart one minute and not so smart the next, or maybe I’ll interpret it as her being so innocent? I also didn’t like or get Flynn, specially when he calls Riley a “carni people”. Come to think of it,  all of the characters involved in this story acts weird.

With a town that is supposedly concerned in keeping and protecting their secret, it seems that job was left to a handful of students! Where are the rest of the towns people?

If only maybe it concentrated more on character growth and the plot line and not rush the romance angle? Nonetheless,  I enjoyed the ending on the part where the story somehow came together.

Another good thing is that there are no cliffhangers. Which only leaves me to wonder what the sequel is gonna be about. 😉

Copy provided by publisher through Netgalley.

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