Nine Minutes (Nine Minutes #1) by Beth Flynn 

Beth Flynn
On May 15, 1975, fifteen-year-old Ginny Lemon is abducted from a convenience store in Fort Lauderdale by a member of one of the most notorious and brutal motorcycle gangs in South Florida.

From that moment on, her life is forever changed. She gets a new name, a new identity and a new life in the midst of the gang’s base on the edge of the Florida Everglades—a frightening, rough and violent world much like the swamps themselves, where everyone has an alias and loyalty is tantamount to survival.

And at the center of it all is the gang’s leader, Grizz: massive, ruggedly handsome, terrifying and somehow, when it comes to Ginny, tender. She becomes his obsession and the one true love of his life.

So begins a tale of emotional obsession and manipulation, of a young woman ripped from everything she knows and forced to lean on the one person who provides attention, affection and care: her captor. Precocious and intelligent, but still very much a teenager, Ginny struggles to adapt to her existence, initially fighting and then coming to terms with her captivity.

Will she be rescued? Will she escape? Will she get out alive—or get out at all? Part psychological thriller, part coming-of-age novel, filled with mystery, romance and unexpected turns, Nine Minutes takes readers into the world of one motorcycle gang and inside the heart of a young girl, whose abduction brought about its fall.




For more about the author, click here : Beth Flynn






I have been laying low on reading biker-romance novels cause there have been so many of them out lately and very few stands out. But friends reviews have given this a really high rating…. And now I know why!

This certainly deserved a high rating for that mind blowing and twisted plot alone! I mean, wow… it left my mind in boggle in the end, specially in the end! This definitely stepped up to the biker-romance stories that I’ve read so far.

These are my reactions during and after reading the book : Choked up…. Shocked…. Tortured….. Squirming…. Crushed….. Flabbergasted…. Mind Blown…. I could go on and on, but you get the picture…. 😉

It is dark, it is brutal, it is twisted, it is mind-fuck… not your usual biker romance novels.

On the romance perspective, I don’t even know what to think or where to start. You have to read this and decide for yourself. Obsession? There is that… a whole lot of that!

It all started when fifteen-year-old Ginny Lemon is abducted by a member of one of the most notorious and brutal motorcycle gangs in South Florida. From that moment on, her life is forever changed.

It is not so much as a cliffy ending but the story is so complicated, it needs a lot of answers. And where does it go from here?

I highly recommend! I am looking forward to reading more of Ms. Beth Flynn future novels.

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