How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J.C. Lillis



Eighteen-year-old Castaway Planet fans Brandon and Abel hate bad fan fiction—especially when it pairs their number-one TV crushes of all time, dashing space captain Cadmus and dapper android Sim. As co-runners of the Internet’s third most popular Castaway Planet vlog, they love to spar with the “Cadsim” fangirls who think Cadmus will melt Sim’s mechanical heart by the Season 5 finale. This summer, Brandon and Abel have a mission: hit the road in an RV to follow the traveling Castaway Planet convention, interview the actors and showrunner, and uncover proof that a legit Cadsim romance will NEVER, EVER HAPPEN.

A Brandon and Abel romance: also not happening. Brandon’s sick of his struggle to make “gay and Catholic” compute, so it’s safer to love a TV android. Plus Abel’s got a hot new boyfriend with a phoenix tattoo, and how can Brandon compete with that? But when mysterious messages about them start popping up in the fan community, they make a shocking discovery that slowly forces their real feelings to the surface. Before they get to the last Castaway Planet convention, Brandon’s going to find out the truth: can a mechanical heart be reprogrammed, or will his first shot at love be a full system failure?

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Mare's Review


In GR 3, I saw this boy. And I thought WOW, (to my 8/9 year old brain) he’s so cute.
What I didn’t see was the colour of his skin. Because to me, people are people right.

So fast forward.

GR 9- I start dating a black boy, I still didn’t see colour, just that I liked this guy and he liked me. So win-win right.


Not so much, cause my parents, who are Serbian down to their bones, didn’t agree with this.
That year was turmoil! To my soul, cause I saw my parents in a different light. Not as the best that I always thought they were… but as people who had some serious wack ass thoughts on white should be with white and black with black.

Alas, obvs that relationship didn’t work out. Obvs! I was 13-14.

Fast forward

18 years old, dating a Serb. Oh my father’s heart was in his eyes. I saw it. He was so damn proud. happy. Content.
Who cares that this boy likes to fuck around, steal cars, act a fool right. Cause he was my father to a T. This boy who knocked up your daughter and then walked away without a backwards glance. The one who still so much as doesn’t bat an eye at what he helped produce. But that’s ok, cause my parents were my absolute rocks. They were and are the best grand parents a kid could have asked for. The most helpful a daughter could ask for.

Fast Forward, not far, but to 1 year later, where I meet this guy. This guy! Who after 19 years is the be all end all to me. But he’s black…
We get together, in our own little bubble for 5 years. Just him and I and the kid.
I hid that from my parents cause I was so so torn. I loved them, they helped me so much when I needed them so bad, they still helped so much.
Groceries, car insurance, cars, you name it, we got it. And why. Cause the ideal guy, the 1 my dad was mooned over about was an adolecent, someone who couldn’t grow up, someone who shattered his dream.

So for 5 years I hid this guy from my dad. Cause I didn’t want to see that I disappointed him. And on the other hand I had this great guy that I thought and knew in my heart of hearts that he was THE ONE.

And 1 day I just decided… you know what… this is my future. Im grabbing life by both hands and going after mine, cause in the end, it isnt about religion or your parents expectations, its about what makes you happy.

fast forward- Married, with kids and a house and that guy…. he is my dad’s fav

So Abandon, just cause your story ended where it ended i’m gonna go ahead and pretend that it ended just like mine.


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