Broken by Mary Ann Gouze

When her young mother vanishes, four-month-old Anna Mae McBride is thrust into the unwilling hands of her alcoholic uncle, Walter Lipinski, and his doormat of a wife, Sarah.

As Anna Mae grows up, she finds herself subject to blackouts, and she’s not sure why. Her psychiatrist thinks she might have traumatic amnesia, but all the diagnosis does is complicate her already troubled life, affecting her relationships involving family, friends, and love.

At first she tries to deal with it, but she soon discovers that she will have to overcome it once and for all. For she can’t remember the crucial information she witnessed during a recent blackout.

And her life depends on it.


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This is one of those randomly picked books that I decided to give a try and I am glad I did! Seriously, what a nice surprise! I was totally captivated from start to finish.

The year : the early ’50’s.

The setting/location : a  small mill town in Pennsylvania’s legendary Steel Valley.

This is the story of Anna Mae McBride.  Abandoned by her mother when she was four months old, entrusted to the UNWILLING hands of her alcoholic uncle, Walter, and his dormant wife, Sarah.

Growing up, Anna Mae realizes that she suffers from blackouts,  where she loses time, or days, or even weeks of memories. Her psychiatrist calls it traumatic amnesia. As to why and when this started? Well, I would recommend you read her story. 😉

This is not a typical broken-character-driven-story. In fact, I really love Anna Mae’s character. I never felt her feeling bitter… it only emphasizes on her kindness and very forgiving heart.

This is not a love story. Although there is that too. This is a beautifully written, realistic, gut-wrenching growing up on an abusive environment story of Anna Mae, with psychological aspect. There is a lots of angst. I hated so many characters in this book… 😔

And the ending, totally unexpected! I love reading court scenes so that was a plus for me. But that ending totally took me by surprise. I would never have guessed!  I love it when they do that! 😉

I would recommend you give this book a chance too.  👍👍

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