Cover Reveal of REAP THE SHADOWS (Steel & Stone: Book 4) by Annette Marie


Marie - REAP THE SHADOWS (S&S4) - Goodreads

REAP THE SHADOWS (Steel & Stone: Book 4)
by Annette Marie

Piper is feeling a bit overwhelmed. With Seiya and Lyre missing, Ash recovering from near fatal injuries, and the Gaians picking fights with daemons all over the city, a girl can’t help but think she might be in over her head. And this time, she’s on her own.

Before she even has a chance to investigate the Gaians’ new stockpile of mysterious, high-tech weaponry, an old enemy ambushes her: Samael’s henchman Raum. He wants Ash’s help and won’t take “get lost” for an answer. She doesn’t know if she can trust Raum, but even more than that, she can’t trust herself with Ash. Sooner or later he’ll catch up to her, and she fears she won’t be able to walk away from him a second time.

Despite her feelings, it will take their combined strength to face a frightening discovery about the Gaians. She and Ash begin to realize that the daemon war is coming to Earth, and they might be the only ones who can stop it—if it’s not already too late.

Release Date:​ October 16, 2015 and now available for PRE-ORDER!

And the newest addition to the Steel & Stone series:


FEED THE FLAMES (Steel & Stone: Book 3.5)

Marie - FEED THE FLAMES (S&S3.5) - Goodreads

In this short story addition to the Steel & Stone series, discover the fate of Seiya and Lyre following the conclusion of YIELD THE NIGHT (Steel & Stone Book 3).

Seiya wants nothing more than to disappear with her brother, safe from all the enemies that would tear them apart. But now she, along with Lyre, has been taken prisoner. Separated from Ash, his fate unknown, and tormented by memories of her imprisonment in Asphodel, she must put her faith in Lyre and his carefully guarded secrets. To have any chance of escape, they’ll have to work together to find a way out—before they learn what fate their captors are planning for them.

Release Date:​ ​AVAILABLE NOW!




Annette Marie wrote her first piece of fiction outside a classroom when she was fourteen. Nowadays she shudders to think of it but it got her started on the road to over one million words written in the last 12 years. Her passions in fiction haven’t changed since that first story. She loves characters with spunk, intense relationships that challenge those involved, dark and mysterious worlds, and lots of kick-butt action.

She published her début novel and the first book in the Steel & Stone series, CHASE THE DARK, on October 17, 2014. The next two books followed in January and March 2015, and the fourth book in the series, REAP THE SHADOWS, is coming this October. She plans to publish prolifically and with dedicated enthusiasm, and hopes her readers will share that enthusiasm.

You can find more at ​​, including a sign up for new release alerts and exclusive giveaways!


Reap the Shadows

Feed the Flames

Annette Marie

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