Pre-Release: Object of Desire by Dal Maclean



Tom Gray is one of the world’s top models–an effortless object of desire.

Self-contained, elusive and always in control, he’s accustomed to living life entirely on his own terms.

But when Tom comes under suspicion in the gory death of his employer, his world spirals into chaos.

Someone’s framing him. Someone’s stalking him.

And as old secrets come to light, Tom finds his adversary always one step ahead.

Will Foster is the only man Tom trusts to help. But Tom brutally burned all bridges between them two years before, and Will paid a bitter price.

If he wants to survive, Tom must prove his innocence to Will–and to the world.

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Expected Publication: 

 May 22nd 2018 by Blind Eye Books




Reading is an individual experience. It is solace, an adventure, a hobby, an obsession. Reading is for some what breathing is for others. Sometimes you read a book and your all blah blah blah and others you are filled with every single moment, movement, ever.single.word.

The Object of Desire was just that for me. It was an object that I desired, that I was obsessed with for the 12-14 hours that it took me to start and finish.

And now. Now I’m just obsessed with Dan MacLean and wish that they would put out a book every other week. Sigh.

I will not go into the story because I believe that it is an experience that everyone should experience without being spoiled by other reviews.

Just know that you will want to read this book. It also has my fav trope in it. 2nd chances. And OMG this book was so lush… so poetic… so wordy that I was in lust and love and rage and lust and love and some more rage.  But mostly I just loved this book so much it hurt. Hurt that I sped read it, hurt when I got to that 75% mark and never ever wanted it to end. My heart. By the end of the book I was not ready to leave Dan MacLean’s world so I went back and re-read Bitter Legacy. And now today I feel like I need to read Object of Desire again just so I can bloody well FEEL AGAIN.

My playlist for this book: 

“I can’t pretend
Pretend that I care
I see how you look at me
But I am not there
The damage is done
I’ll save you the time
And if there are feelings there
They are not mine” 



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