Going Off Grid, by SJD Peterson



Clay and Elliott are working toward a dream—working sixty-hour weeks for one of the oil companies that recently sprung up in North Dakota. The pay is good, but is it a fair trade for never seeing each other? The point becomes moot when the company folds, like so many others, and the couple is left with a difficult choice.

Should they find comparable work somewhere else, or is it time to throw caution to the wind and go after their goal—years earlier than they intended?

What they’ve always wanted is to be together and have time to enjoy it, so they follow their hearts. They’re going off the grid and fixing up an old cabin so they can be self-sufficient. But when they go from all the conveniences of the modern world to outhouses, solar power, a shoestring budget, and more mosquitos than they ever thought possible, will they find there’s such a thing as too much time together?

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March 23, 2018
Dreamspinner Press



Going off Grid, part of the States of Love series from Dreamspinner Press is a cute story. Cute. It’s a pretty light read, quick, short, and sadly, empty of any real conflict or tension that I’d hoped for. It started off really good, but after a while I had a hard time giving it my attention. I think this was just too sweet of a story, or maybe not even sweet, but more like too eye rolling.

Clay and Elliot, together for years, have been working towards a goal… working their asses off, making all the money, retire early. But when the timeline moves up and they’re forced to make a decision, the transition is harder than they even imagined. Literally going off grid and living out in the middle of nowhere, fixing up a cabin that’s seen better days, tests their relationship… but not that much. They’ve been together too long. They’ve known each other too long. So when the main tension comes towards the end of the book, I had a hard time thinking anything would go wrong. Plus, I knew there was going to be a happy ending so that close to the end of the book, the tension felt manufactured.

I’m normally all for this type of short story, I just could not get into this one. It was okay, just not my speed.


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