Pre-Release Review: Orientation (Borealis Investigations Book 1) by Gregory Ashe



Shaw and North are best friends, private detectives, and in danger of losing their agency. A single bad case, followed by crippling lawsuits, has put them on the brink of closing shop. Until, that is, a client walks into their Benton Park office.

Matty Fennmore is young, blond, and beautiful, and he’s in danger. When he asks for Shaw and North’s help foiling a blackmail scheme, the detectives are quick to accept.

The conspiracy surrounding Matty runs deeper than Shaw and North expect. As they dig into the identity of Matty’s blackmailer, they are caught in a web that touches politicians, the local LGBT community, and the city’s police.

An attack on Matty drives home the rising stakes of the case, and Shaw and North must race to find the blackmailer before he can silence Matty. But a budding romance lays bare long-buried feelings between Shaw and North, and as their relationship splinters, solving the case may come at the cost of their friendship.

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May 24th 2019

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So last year I stumbled upon this wonderful series ( Hazard and Somerset ) and honestly it was one of the best reading experiences of my life. I love reading a series BACK TO BACK and Gregory Ashe ticked all my boxes!

• Sarcasm

• Vulnerability

• Sexual Tension

• Wait did I mention the UST???

• A great style of writing

When Alisa (THANKS GIRL) pointed out to me that Ashe had a brand new series I squealed!!! For real!!!! Then I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted to read the book and didn’t want to wait. ( I have this problem called no patience) So I took a chance and sent the author a message asking if I could review it. AND HE SENT IT TO ME!!! Thank you so so much!

So I’m going to tell you that once I received the ARC I got a bit worried…. I have this problem where when I want a book really bad it tends to disappoint me or I’m actually not in the mood for that type of a genre, style, or my expectations are so high I’m dashed down to the ground really fast.

I’m really really happy to tell you that this ^^ was not the case. I loved every single moment I spent with this book except for the fact that now I have to wait for book freakin 2 and I don’t know how long the wait is. I FEEL INCOMPLETE YO!

Gregory Ashe has this style of writing that so floats my boat, makes me go through all these fucked up ranges of emotions: high, low, soaring, the pits and all the while my heart is beating to this drum of want more want more don’t end don’t end.

So to all you Hazard and Somerset lovers wait till you meet North and Shaw.






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