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Twisted and Tied (Marshals, #4) by Mary Calmes



Deputy US Marshal Miro Jones finally has everything he ever wanted. He’s head-over-heels in love and married to the man of his dreams, his partner Ian Doyle, he’s doing well at work, and all his friends are in good places as well. Things are all tied up nicely… until they’re not.

Change has never been easy for Miro, and when situations at work force the team he’s come to depend on to break apart, and worst of all, his and Ian’s individual strengths put them on two separate paths, he’s pretty certain everything just went up in smoke. But before he can even worry about the future, his past comes for a visit, shaking his world up even more. It’s hard to tell what road he should truly be on, but as he learns some paths are forged and others are discovered, it might be that where he’s going is the right course after all. If he can navigate all the twists and turns, he and Ian might just get their happily ever after. 


Buy Links:

Dreamspinner Press





March 12, 2018
Dreamspinner Press



“Hold me tighter, ‘kay?”

So this is it. The end. Not the end of the Marshals, but the end of Miro’s story. The end of his tale… and what a tale it has been.

I met Miro, Ian, and Chickie Baby in September of 2015. I picked the Marshals series up a little bit late. I’d been a fan of Mary’s work for a while, but for some reason I’d just never had the opportunity to start this series. Once I read the first book, I was hooked forever. In the years since, I’ve read and reread all the books more times than I can count. I’ve listened to the audio books even more. The audio is my go-to for listening while working, cleaning the house, working out… pretty much anything. I love the voice Tristan James gives to the boys, but I just also love having them with me. I’m serious when I say that this is one of my all time favorite series. I’ve already read Twisted and Tied twice, and starting on release day, I’m going to read it again because now I need to read it with my friends who also have a healthy love for all things Marshals.

Twisted and Tied is a wonderful ending to Miro’s story. I know that we’ll see him again… him, Ian, and hopefully, Chickie Baby. But for them as main characters, this is it. I think Mary not only made me happy with this finish, but surprised the heck out of me. I went into this expecting one thing, and while I got that (sort of), I really ended up with something else altogether. I had expectations for a wedding and having this pick up right where Marshals 3 left off. That’s not what happens really, but I did get some wedding action. It was better than I’d hoped and I had tears running down my face forever because of it.  I had expectations for what the family of Miro, Ian, and Chickie Baby would end up looking like. what I got was even better. It feels better. I mean I really feel good about there they are both personally and professionally. I also had a super massive expectation for what happened to Dr. Craig Hartley. I can’t spoil you but let me just say, what happens shocked me big time. I was blown away because of my reaction to it. I’m happy with what goes down, I will say that. The feelings that were pulled out of me while reading this book, especially the Hartley stuff… I never thought I’d have those feelings. Not ever.

If I had one thing I questioned the need for, it’s the very end. Some things happen that felt like they came out of nowhere and I struggled to find the reasoning. And maybe not even the reasoning, but the placement. I don’t think I’m ruining anything by saying this book takes place over the span of like 3 or 4 days. It’s quick, as most of their stories are. They’re moments in the life of… but this is fast moving and high energy. And then the last two chapters happen and they sort of didn’t fit where they were. At least for me. Maybe they would have if there was an Epilogue. That would have been good because those last two chapters, while good and fun and important because this is their family, the family they’ve chosen, I’d wished maybe that it wasn’t just thrown in at the end… maybe spread out a bit.

BUT. With all of that, I can still say I’m so happy with this book. So very, very, very happy.

Twisted and Tied ends a story, but one, or two more will take over. We have Redeker and Callahan coming. We also have something going on with Eli.  Sigh… I do love Eli Kohn. I’m really looking forward to where Mary goes with is story, particularly because he’s become so close with Miro. Out of all the guys, Eli has been a real stand out character. So more Marshals are to come! They really can’t get here fast enough. Until that time, I’m going to keep rereading this one, as well as the others. I’ll keep relistening. I won’t be patient though. Never that.

Fans of the Marshals series, hurry and get this book so we can all talk about it. You’re really going to be delighted with the story, how it things play out. You’re going to smile a lot. You’re going to cry… sometimes in unexpected places. Your heart will be as full as mine is. So to Miro, Ian, and our favorite dog, Chickie Baby… all the love.


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Pre-Release: Sutphin Boulevard (Five Boroughs #1) by Santino Hassell


About the book: 

Michael Rodriguez and Nunzio Medici have been friends for two decades. From escaping their dysfunctional families in the working-class neighborhood of South Jamaica, Queens to teaching in one of the city’s most queer friendly schools in Brooklyn, the two men have shared everything. Or so they thought until a sweltering night of dancing leads to an unexpected encounter that forever changes their friendship.

Now, casual touches and lingering looks are packed with sexual tension, and Michael can’t forget the feel of his best friend’s hands on him. Once problems rear up at work and home, Michael finds himself seeking constant escape in the effortless intimacy and mind-blowing sex he has with Nunzio. But things don’t stay easy for long.

When Michael’s world begins to crumble in a sea of tragedy and complications, he knows he has to make a choice: find solace in a path of self-destruction or accept the love of the man who has been by his side for twenty years.



Add to GR: 



Mare's Review


*** Thank you Mr. Hassell for a copy of the e-book ***

musical note

He could be a stranger you gave a second glance
He could be a trophy of a one night stand
He could have your humour, but I don’t understand
‘Cause he’ll never love you like I can, can, can

musical note

From the moment I got this book I was hard pressed to put it down. I’ve had a book hangover for dayzzzz after devouring this. Dayzzzzz.

I don’t even think it was 1 moment or 1 phrase, a word or a paragraph that stuck out to me. It was just overall badassery that Mr. Hassell knows how to bring alive on the pages.

It was the realness and the rawness and the chemistry that “contemporary romance” has been lacking something serious of late. The sexual attraction, the chemistry, the UST, the raw depths of emotion. The hey I’m not fuckin perfect. The no one is angle. All of this has been missing from the up and coming contemporary romances that have passed my e-reader by, So it was refreshing. And gritty. And so perfectly imperfect.

The characterization, the flaws, the struggles. It made it hard to read and not reflect on personal entities. The European parentals, the upbringing, nationalities, the meshing, and the people who helped you make it through.

I mentioned Badassery right. Well if Mr Hassell writes good badassery he also wrote some seriouzzzzzzzly amazing dirty talk & delicious sex scenes, So delicious that, I kid you not, broke my e-reader.

I can’t pimp this book more. I would give you quotes and teasers of the delicious sex but I figure that would just be really mean.  So if all I can give you is my word, well you have it.

Refreshing, gritty, real and raw. Also delicious.

Add it, read it, love it. Cause you will.

musical note

Why are you looking down all the wrong roads?
When mine is the heart and the salt of the soul
There may be lovers who hold out their hands
But they’ll never love you like I can, can, can
They’ll never love you like I can, can

musical note

AND. There’s 5 books in this series. And book 2 is going to be so so so good..,, Because Raymond.

PS. Mr Hassell if you any way feel bad about breaking my e-reader you can just make it up to me by giving me book 2 ok. We’ll call that even right?!?! Right?!?!?



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Pre- Release Review: Craving’s Creek by Mel Bossa



For the man he loves, he will fight—body, mind, and soul.

Fourteen years ago, on a sun-drenched summer day on the banks of Craving’s Creek, Ryde swore to his best friend, Alistair, he’d never be alone in the world. Though Alistair was destined for the priesthood, there was something beyond holy about the first kiss they shared.

But a fun camping trip went horribly wrong when Alistair was involved in a horrific incident.

Now, at age thirty-one, Ryde’s life is a mess of alcohol and the painful imprint of his last look into Alistair’s desperate eyes. Since the evil they encountered on that shore, his first love has been lost to him—until he learns a friend’s wedding is to be officiated by a priest named Father Alistair Genet.

Amid the rush of emotions, one thought crystallizes: Ryde’s love for Alistair not only has never died, it’s stronger than ever. Stronger than God. But it may be no match for the church…and the repressed memories that are slowly tearing Alistair’s mind apart.

Warning: Contains a drunken confessional, a self-destructive clergyman, and a fight to the spiritual death for love.



Release Date: August 18th, 2015


Mare's Review


Thank you Samhain Publishing via Netgalley for a copy of this ebook


My lover’s got humour
She’s the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody’s disapproval
I should’ve worshipped her sooner
If the heavens ever did speak
She’s the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week


Sometimes it isn’t about the cover or even the story. Sometimes it’s what the written word can do to you. Your soul. Your heart.

Words written over 2000 years ago still have the essence to sooth you or burn you. Wars, love, hate, right, wrong. They all come from sources. No matter who your God is, no matter what your religion, we still to this day go back to this book and pray, cry, scream, yell, laugh. baptize, marry and bury.

A book that has been passed down from generation to generation. That has stayed the same no matter how much the world has changed, evolved, grown.


“We were born sick,” you heard them say it
My church offers no absolutes
She tells me, “Worship in the bedroom.”
The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you
I was born sick
But I love it
Command me to be well
Aaay. Amen. Amen. Amen


Cravings Creek gripped me from page 1. I finished this book in 3 hours. This book. This book is Mel Bossa. This book is what I’ve been craving. 

She has a way of intercepting the past and the present. She has a way of exploring family dynamics, right and wrong, feelings that bleed on the pages. You can feel it. She has these 1 liners that speak to my soul.

“Beauty is like a scent. It clings to you even when its gone.”


Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life


The story starts with the boys at 17. In lust and a perpetual state of hornyness. Written in 1st person, we enter the mind of Ryde and his obsession with Alistair.

My Lord but did Ryde wear his heart on his sleeve. You wanted to yell at him slow down, relax, breathe. He was so intense. And you felt the intensity on the pages.

“Her love is so big, it’s like standing in front of the ocean with a straw. No matter how much I try, I’ll never be able to take all of my mother’s love in.”


If I’m a pagan of the good times
My lover’s the sunlight
To keep the Goddess on my side
She demands a sacrifice


“I don’t really know how to…I mean, how can I compete with God?”

The story takes us through a 14-15 year span with a horrific tragedy and how ultimately these boys have dealt with it. Or rather haven’t.

The fight for love, and obstacles, the essence of your very being, how your past can shape your future.

Mental illness and suppressed memories.


Drain the whole sea
Get something shiny
Something meaty for the main course
That’s a fine-looking high horse
What you got in the stable?
We’ve a lot of starving faithful 


Obstacles, the fact that someone’s belief can stand in the way of your happiness. The rigid mind frames, the open minds, the zealous,  the people helping you fight the good fight. The HFN.

This book. Ugh. This book was so bloody good IMO. It had to of been for me to read it in 1 sitting.

Right, wrong, belief, hope.

In the end, the truth will always set us free.


Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife
Offer me my deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life
No Masters or Kings
When the Ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin
In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean
Ooh oh. Amen. Amen. Amen.




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Pre-Release: Falling (Fall or Break #1) by Barbara Elsborg


About the book:

Falling is easy. Landing without breaking your heart? Impossible.

Harper is no longer behind bars, but it doesn’t feel like it. Ten years serving time for a crime he didn’t commit have left him shut down, numb, and a frozen wreck over the simplest of choices.

He’s acutely aware of the dark-haired young man checking him out in the supermarket, but he’s too deep in panic mode to even meet the guy’s gaze. Afraid the slightest move will trigger a fall that will never stop.

Fresh off a long-term relationship with a controlling man, Malachi is stuck living with relatives who think he’s a waste of oxygen. The tall guy in the long, gray coat is the first bright spot he’s glimpsed in a long time…though the man’s unblinking stare at a bottle of shower gel is a touch alarming.

Hard experience tells both of them to turn away before lust turns to hopeless attraction, and inevitably to disaster. But once their sparks connect, the arc of electricity is too strong to deny. Even if the cost is too much to bear.

Warning: Contains an ex-con with disaster written all over him, a boy toy who’s trouble with a capital T, a damp old British house, compulsive meddling, and enough hot sex to cure the severe case of nervous babbling.



Expected publication: March 24th 2015 by Samhain Publishing


Mare's Review


* thank you Samhain Publishing via Netgalley for a copy of this e-book *

Im 100% in love with that cover and all covers that Samhain has been putting out. Just had to get that out there!

4 solid stars


This book had me so torn up. I liked it, it kept my interest. I kept saying I didn’t love it. As if there was something off about it, and I couldn’t put my finger on it! Maybe I thought the 2 MCs together were just….off?!?! Except when they were together they scorched me. They lit up my insides. It has been a real long time where I have picked up a new read and felt my insides slowly burning…. the feeling in that pit of your stomach… that this! this book! it’s going somewhere!

Then I thought hmmmm, its darker, edgier, def has angst… but not a Mareangstbook? What is it that is making me feel as if this just another read???

13 hours later I still cant tell you, but I can tell you that this book, the last 25% grew and exploded and made me think… Blimey!!!!! (new word for OMG and fits with the Brit boys in this book) this is FANTASTIC.

The mystery ran smoothly, the whodunit, the clues, worked seamlessly IMO.

The sex. The sex is so desperate and so hot and so just so… I have no words for it. When you read this book you will know what I mean.

The characters, so complex and you can feel (Harper’s) desperation, you can actually feel his heartbeat.

I loved both MCs equally. They both had qualities that you would want to find in a man. And the laughter and conversations melted me. Melted me.

I went through…







That was hott yet Im laughing

Biting my nails

Twisting my hair



This book shall give you it all.

And I will let you know that I really really really can’t wait for Book 2.

Once you meet Conrad I think you’re also going to be salivating for Book 2.

Dear Ms Elsborg.

Please dont make us wait long~

Yours truly,


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Love Lessons 1 & 2 series by Heidi Cullinan


Book 1


Love doesn’t come with a syllabus.

Kelly Davidson has waited what seems like forever to graduate high school and get out of his small-minded, small town. But when he arrives at Hope University, he quickly realizes finding his Prince Charming isn’t so easy. Everyone here is already out. In fact, Kelly could be the only virgin on campus.

Worst of all, he’s landed the charming, handsome, gay campus Casanova as a roommate, whose bed might as well be equipped with a revolving door.

Walter Lucas doesn’t believe in storybook love. Everyone is better off having as much fun as possible with as many people as possible…except his shy, sad little sack of a roommate is seriously screwing up his world view.

As Walter sets out to lure Kelly out of his shell, staying just friends is harder than he anticipated. He discovers love is a crash course in determination. To make the grade, he’ll have to finally show up for class…and overcome his own private fear that love was never meant to last.

Warning: This story contains lingering glances, milder than usual sexual content for this author, and a steamy dance-floor kiss. Story has no dairy or egg content, but may contain almonds.

Buy link: 


Add to TBR:



Book 2


Sometimes you have to play love by ear.

Aaron Seavers is a pathetic mess, and he knows it. He lives in terror of incurring his father’s wrath and disappointing his mother, and he can’t stop dithering about where to go to college—with fall term only weeks away. Ditched by a friend at a miserable summer farewell party, all he can do is get drunk in the laundry room and regret he was ever born. Until a geeky-cute classmate lifts his spirits, leaving him confident of two things: his sexual orientation, and where he’s headed to school.
Giles Mulder can’t wait to get the hell out of Oak Grove, Minnesota, and off to college, where he plans to play his violin and figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. But when Aaron appears on campus, memories of hometown hazing threaten what he’d hoped would be his haven. As the semester wears on, their attraction crescendos from double-cautious to a rich, swelling chord. But if more than one set of controlling parents have their way, the music of their love could come to a shattering end.

Warning: Contains showmances, bad parenting, Walter Lucas, and a cappella.

Buy Link: 


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Mare's Review


My 2nd and 3rd read of 2015.

While it didn’t start off the bang that I wanted, these books so so made up for that fact.

God, I hate it when no books work for me, when I start DNFing at the 10 page mark, when I roll my eyes, skim, scroll my e reader for another book because seriously there’s got to be something better out there right? right! And inadvertently I found the Love Lessons series through 1 of my internet boo’s Kristie.

She says “Oh Mare these books are good”

I trust her, so I try….

And I get sucked into this world full of Disney cheer, and laughter, and such oowey gooey sweetness that it is coming out of my pores! And its not cheesy sweetness, cause you know, I cant stand cheesy sweetness. There is sexual tension woven into 50% of the book that I thought I might get asphyxiated by it.

And the moments were tender and sweet and just so so right.

Book 1 was a little treasure in the sea of bullcrap.

And I finish it and am lost in this sweet essence that just engulfed me!

Now on to book 2, expecting the same oowey gooey sweet stuff………..

Boy I was never ever so wrong.

What I got was 270 pages of….



Hot sex. OMG. From the get go… the sex was just…. out of the stratosphere HOTT.

Bible thumpers

Douchebag dads

crazy ass mom’s

Supportive loving parents and friends



WTF. Did that just happen? Seriously?

And I got

Ready for it?


I got ELIJAH!!!!!!! Elijah who is a side character from the main ones, but the 1 I feel for. Hook. Line. Sinker

He stole the show, I love him. I want him. And his book is coming


In August


So far. So far away. So so so far away.

GAH. The wait is going to be torture, and not sweet torture at that.

I do believe that book 3 will be the most epic one of them all. Because


Thanks to Kristie and Susan for understanding my hype through all the tweets.

And for keeping it together because they knew what was coming and didnt spoil that shit once for me!



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rock by Anyta Sunday


About the book:


When Cooper’s parents divorce, he finds himself landed in Week About—one week with his mum and one week with his dad.
Only, it’s not just his dad he has to live with. There’s Lila, too: The other woman, the one who stole the rock-solid foundation of his life.

And then …

There’s Jace. Lila’s son. Lila’s smug, regurgitated-fish-scale-blue eyed son.

All Cooper wants is to have his family back the way it once was, but there’s something about this boy that promises things will never be the same again.


Resisting the realities of his new life, Cooper and Jace get off to a rocky start. But rocky start or not, after hundreds of shared memories together, they forge something new. A close … friendship.

Because friendship is all they can have. Although it’s not like they are realbrothers…


But how does that friendship evolve under the pressures of life?
Under pressures of the heart?



btn_buy_amazon (1)


Mare's Review


5 Emotionally Gutted and I never want to stop feeling this way stars




This book is going onto my all time favourites, re-read, make me ugly cry shelf.

I have been waiting ALL of 2014 to have a book make me feel this way. I love Angst. And I love books that make me feel like crawling up into them and curling into a ball, hiccuping cause I can’t keep the level of emotion out of my tears. The outer body experience. I haven’t felt this way since I read Split by Mel Bossa.

Anyta Sunday wrote this story so beautifully. I felt EVERYTHING. Everything guys. It reached into the very marrow of my bones.

4Why am I so emotional? 4

” He balls up his fist and presses it into my open palm. ‘I’ll be your rock. Do you think you can handle that today?’ 

I squeeze his warm fist. His pulse– or is it mine?– beats under my finger.” 

4No, it’s not a good look, gain some self-control4

“I smile and trace my name over its surface. Then his.

The tide sweeps in around us as if to soak up my story and run away. I envision it out there being tossed up onto the rocky surface. Has our story ended? If so, will it sink to the bottom of ocean, near the aquamarines that mermaids treasure? Or will the heavy breezes whip it through the sky, carrying it over every surface because it’s not finished yet? 

4And deep down I know this never works4

“I glance at the hook he’s tying around his neck. It had to be a hook because I want to reel him in. Even if I can’t or won’t, it’ll be nice to see hope hanging from his chest.” 

4But you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt4

“Our story never sank,” I murmur. “The breeze carried it for us.” 

There are so many more beautiful quotes, words, I can add here but I won’t. I’m gonna take these feelings that I have and wrap them all around me, cocoon myself within them, I never want this feeling to leave.

The lack of sleep, the dizziness, the headache. It is all so fucking worth it. Because this book… this book is probably one of the best I’ve ever read.

The best,

It was unputdownable! I left my BR buddy in the dust. She didn’t even get to start it and I was finished.

My eyes couldn’t stop leaking and wouldn’t leave the page. I couldn’t swish the page over fast enough. I had bated breath, racing heart beats, shaking hands. It hurt so fucking good. So good.From beginning to end, it started as a fisher and worked itself up to breaking my heart into a million little pieces only to glue itself back together again… but the fishers are still there as they will never ever be fully healed.

It was motherfuckin epic. The highs and the lows. This is how an addict must feel. The rush. The high. The tumble, The black hole of despair.

This book was EVERYTHING.

**Lyrics. Stay With Me by Sam Smith**



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Flight of Magpies (A Charm of Magpies #3) by K.J. Charles



Danger in the air. Lovers on the brink.

A Charm of Magpies, Book 3

With the justiciary understaffed, a series of horrifying occult murders to be investigated, and a young student who is flying—literally—off the rails, magical law enforcer Stephen Day is under increasing stress. And his relationship with his aristocratic lover, Lord Crane, is beginning to feel the strain.

Crane chafes at the restrictions of England’s laws, and there’s a worrying development in the blood-and-sex bond he shares with Stephen. A development that makes a sensible man question if they should be together at all.

When a thief strikes at the heart of Crane’s home, a devastating loss brings his closest relationships into bitter conflict—especially his relationship with Stephen. And as old enemies, new enemies, and unexpected enemies paint the lovers into a corner, the pressure threatens to tear them apart.

Warning: Contains hot-blooded sex, cold-blooded murder, sinister magical goings-on and a lot of swearing.

Purchase Link: 



Mare's Review


4,5 It’s the end of it all stars

Damn! I can’t believe this series is over. Really. Over.

Dear KJ Charles,

Do you think you can provide us with a 3.5? Just a small itty bitty tinny tiny few lines of some more Lord Crane and some more Stephen??? Just a little story of where they are? And some hot sex on a platter to boot?? Its not to much to ask for I don’t really think….  all us little people who will now have a tiny little fracture, some may be bigger than others, in their hearts because…. because it matters to us… we would probably fall graciously at your feet. Really.


Would forever be grateful, Mare

I loved this series. So very much. Just like my review of book 2 I will repeat: I have never loved two MCs so equally as I do Lord Lucien Crane and Stephen Day. I can’t split them up, I can’t separate why I liked one more than the other because you just can’t.

And then there is Merrick. My Lord. Everyone deserves a Merrick in their life. I’m so glad I have my Merrick. You know those friends that never leave your side, that have your back no matter what. That can go blow for blow with you and it won’t change a thing! Yes everyone deserves a friend like that!

We meet Jonah. I for one can’t wait to sink my teeth into Jackdaw which is currently waiting to be devoured on my Ereader. I’ll let you in on  something. They probably won’t ever replace S&C in my heart. BUT. You never know, stranger things have happened and my mama always told me to never say never.

There is murder and mayhem and laughter and no tears. There is trickery and fights and arguments and the strings of my heart humming. Crane’s declaration. Man. Sex against the wall. Hot. The argument. Worthy.

The way KJ Charles writes, makes reading so effortless. You just fall into it. And… you don’t stop until the end. And it almost feels like all it took from start to finish was just a blink. Its fantasy and magic and fiction and Joy.

“Crane put his hand on Stephen’s tattooed shoulder, pulled him over for a kiss, and felt Stephen’s hands move on him, assertive, cofident, loved. 

Two for Joy, That would do very well indeed.”



For my review on book 1 & 2 click on the pics


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