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Glitterland by Alexis Hall


The universe is a glitterball I hold in the palm of my hand.

Once the golden boy of the English literary scene, now a clinically depressed writer of pulp crime fiction, Ash Winters has given up on love, hope, happiness, and—most of all—himself. He lives his life between the cycles of his illness, haunted by the ghosts of other people’s expectations.

Then a chance encounter at a stag party throws him into the arms of Essex boy Darian Taylor, an aspiring model who lives in a world of hair gel, fake tans, and fashion shows. By his own admission, Darian isn’t the crispest lettuce in the fridge, but he cooks a mean cottage pie and makes Ash laugh, reminding him of what it’s like to step beyond the boundaries of anxiety.

But Ash has been living in his own shadow for so long that he can’t see past the glitter to the light. Can a man who doesn’t trust himself ever trust in happiness? And how can a man who doesn’t believe in happiness ever fight for his own?


Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1a8G1mc

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/Hhbbid

B&N : http://bit.ly/1fUTfcg

Silvana's Review

I Read the reviews, still didn’t think I would love it so much!!

This book was clever and very well written, it manages to capture your attention from the first page! It was funny, had me laughing a lot, it was sad where some parts tore at my heart strings, it was also hopeful!

Reading Ash’s thoughts made me love him, I understood his plight, his fears and actions! Even what he did at the wedding I understood and felt for him. What I didn’t like is what he did not do afterwards, what I willed him to do and he didn’t!

DARIAN I HEART YOU SO! The guy may not be as educated as Ash and his friends but he seemed to have it figured out and spoke his mind, clearly knew what he wanted out of life.

“Maybe it ain’t abaht coping or not coping. Maybe it’s just abaht wanting to be wif someone.”
“You’re so fucking naïve.”

Darian was indeed naive but I loved his reasoning and you can’t deny the man’s logic, hated seeing him wounded as he was such a sweetheart but he handled it so well and forgave so easily.

Loved the banter in this book, whether between Ash and Darian or with their friends. When Ash was discussing how to make salad with Amy, I was laughing throughout the conversation.

“Ash,” she asked, “did you ring me because I’m the only person with a vagina you know?”
“Um . . .”
“Because, you know you don’t need a vagina to prepare a salad, right? In fact, I have it on good authority that there are salads prepared sans vaginas all the time.”
“Can you stop saying vagina over and over again? It’s scaring me.”
“It serves you right for being sexist. Vagina.”


As For Niall, would love to read more and for him to have his own book would be epic, I hated him with a passion then he grew on me.

To Mare,  for recommending another awesome book….

To Alexis Hall

5++++++++++++ STARS, this book did truly glitter and dazzle!


^^^^ Had to use this gif because it reminded me of Darian saying this to Ash  “You’re so pale, babes. Fink I must have some kind of fing for vampires or summin.” … God I love this book!


Silvana ❤

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Dark Soul: The Complete Collection (Dark Soul #1-5) by Aleksandr Voinov


Love lights even the darkest soul.

A killer’s moral compass rarely points true, and among made men, being gay is a capital crime. But Silvio Spadaro, deadly prodigy and heir to a Family fortune, is determined to find his own way–at the feet of the man he loves or by the barrel of a gun–no matter the dangers or costs.

Stefano Marino lives a comfortable–some might even say enviable–life. As a mob boss at the top of the food chain, he has it all: money, respect, a beautiful wife he loves as much now as the day they wed. But he also has a turf war on his hands, and far too soft a heart for this dark business.

When Silvio is sent to help Stefano with his turf war, sparks fly. Stefano loves his wife, but he wants Silvio. It’s a desire he hardly knows how to process, but Silvio, ever the patient predator, maneuvers Stefano closer and closer to his bed each day. Stefano resists; giving in to these dark desires means giving up on his marriage, and exposure would surely mean death. Yet there’s no denying Silvio’s magnetic pull, or the long-repressed urges inside himself. Yielding is inevitable, but he may yet find a way to hold on to everything–and everyone–he loves.

Amazon US : http://amzn.to/1ccuHuQ

Amazon UK : http://amzn.to/H9bsEw

Amazon link to Aleksandr Voinov author’s page : http://amzn.to/H9bbBr

Silvana's Review


WOW, what I just read was twisted, wrong and SO DELICIOUS!

I want more but there is no more 😦

I heart Silvio and I already picked names for our children!

However I loved Stefano the most since he made his first appearance in book 1! Having said that, I lost a bit of respect for him regarding his last decision but the ending did make up for it and I wasn’t as angry with him, we made up and  agreed on Silvio as a name  if we ever have a boy #agirlcandream!

If these two won’t have me, I am more than happy with Donata as she  is amazing, our boy’s name will be Stefano.

I wonder if Franco will have me!!

Seriously though, I loved reading these books, was glad I had the chance to read them back to back as I could not put them down! The time Silvio and Stefano spent holed up in the hotel suite had me swooning, yummy.

Nothing is sweeter than a strong man caring for a puppy, made me love Silvio more……


This was my first read by Aleksandr but sure will not be my last!


Silvana ❤

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Breach (Breach #1) by K.I. Lynn


Delilah Palmer has control of her life and outward personality, blocking the truth just below the surface. A façade meant to be normal and hide the scars of her childhood. She’s made a good life for herself, became a lawyer, and is free from the tortured past that haunts her daily. Until he comes along and breaks open the cracks.

Nathan Thorne has a past of his own. On the surface he is loved by all, personable, extroverted; everything Delilah isn’t. Hidden beneath is a dark and tormented man that only Delilah has to power to unveil.

Crammed in a small office together they see through each other’s masks, and the draw becomes too much, igniting an explosive relationship. Holloway and Holloway Law has a strict non-fraternization policy, forcing them to conceal their breach. Despite their efforts, separation becomes impossible, deceptions escalate, and Nathan has trouble coping; teetering on the edge of being overtaken by his past demons.

What secrets does he harbor that could keep him from giving in? What keeps him from healing and moving forward? And Delilah, where does she fit into all this turmoil?

Can they accept love and deal with all the trials that come their way when secrets are exposed? Or will they fall through the cracks of their pasts and be consumed by all that haunts them?



Silvana's Review



I started reading this after a recommendation by Mira and  I am so glad I did. OMG THIS BOOK IS ONE GIANT HEAD TRIP
I was alternating all throughout the book between wanting to hug poor Nathan, needing to protect him from the big bad world description
and telling Lila to run away as fast and as far as she can.

Poor Lila!!



Poor Nathan, please let us know Why…



This book was HOT, FRUSTRATING, HEARTBREAKING and INTENSE! I am not going to give anything away but I will say that I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL! Infraction should be out in September!

Breach is truly a MUST READ!

Silvana ❤




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